Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Day of Σ

The day has finally come. For the first time ever, Sigma is playable in a Mega Man game. After the break you can check Sigma's official Rockman X DiVE trailer and all there is to know about this week's X DiVE updates!


·Dash Blade: Charge at the target and follow with a slash attack, causing 130.67% damage to all targets in range and cause the targets to become weakened. You can perform Dash Blade one more time as a follow-up attack, which is more powerful than the first.

·Head Beams: Automatically shoot beams from the core in Sigma's head to cause 90.00% damage.

Passive Skills

·Viral Speed: When you activate this skill and hit a target, there's a chance to cause your target to become slower with 30% reduction in movement speed.

·Mobility: Reduce preparation time of Head Beams by 20%.

·Preventive Shield: You will gain a preventive shield for every 8 seconds you use any skill. This shield will protect you against all negative status effects.

·Melee Mastery: Increase damage by 20% when equipping a melee weapon.

·Suppress: Increase damage by 20% when hitting a target that has been slowed.

The Sigma banner also includes the spray type weapon "Explosive Blower". It's available from today until July 9 at 15:59 (UTC+8).

So what do you think about that intro animation and Mizuno's artwork? Let us know in the comments!

The Dr. Light Lab event is back from today until July 8 at 22:00 (UTC+8). It works as is expected, nothing has changed from his debut, but the rewards are new.

Above you can see the best rewards you can get from the lab. The sooner you get all of them the higher you will rank up in the online ranking which yields different quantities of EM depending on your rank. You can get 500 EM if you rank inside the top 100 or as low as 20 EM if you rank below the top 50k. Hurry up and discover all the formulas! Here is one for you: 1 - Red; 0 Green; 1 Blue; 7 Yellow

Don't forget to check the "current event" tab to get more rewards as you keep doing more and more experiments in the lab.

The Highway Blitz event runs from today until June 8 at 22:00 (UTC+8). Unlike most previous events, this one doesn't have an online ranking or favors certain weapons or characters to get extra coupons.

Highway Blitz is pretty straight forward and disappointingly the rewards are not that great. You will be playing it mostly to get memories to unlock the Ion Rifle which initially cost 50 coupons each. From this event you can get other resources like Electronic Conversion & Storage Bottles, Skill Points and Skip Dive Programs among other things.

Pretty boring in all around if you ask me!

And to finish, they have added the following resources to the shop until July 9 at 15:59 (UTC+8)
  • “Pallette Memory” (Element Metal Purchase)
  • “Alia Memory” (Element Metal Purchase)
  • “Layer Memory” (Element Metal Purchase)
  • “Triangular Saber Memory” (Element Metal Purchase)
  • “Gatling Gun Memory” (Element Metal Purchase)
  • “Beam Machine Gun Memory” (Element Metal Purchase)

So that's all for this week. Perhaps next week it will finally be time for the Zero Series to arrive to the deep log? We will find out soon!


  1. Do memories unlock characters, or just upgrade them?

    1. That's good. As long as one can earn memories, and the game doesn't get canned too fast unlocking S Rank characters won't require money.

    2. Memories are needed to unlock the characters, and once they're unlock you need them to upgrade said characters.

  2. I know all of the combinations for Dr. Right's Lab already, actually! Here's the list:
    4585 - Masai Launcher (Head Drill Weapon)
    7423 - "Limit Break" Skill
    1017 - Cinnamon memories
    4170 - Golden Rifle (S-rank Sniper-type weapon)
    4876 - Golden Reward Box

  3. Looks bretty good! Kinda wish his face wasn't frozen in one position at the end of the trailer, though; that looked a lil weird.

  4. not gonna lie, something inside of me died a bit when sigma stabbed "x"

    1. Probably a bit of a flashback to the Day Of Sigma animation when X got stabbed at the end. I have to admit, seeing that in X DiVE kinda caught me off guard too. Poor X. :(

  5. Sigmas intro... things just got DARK. (Press F to pay respects for the met)

  6. Press f to pay respects for that met

  7. that poor least the "x" was just a new generation reploid.(kinda cool they remember that.:3)

    1. He was? How could you tell? It sure looked like X to me ...

    2. Because it changed form at the end.

    3. Oh, okay; boy, it's sure hard to catch! XD

  8. Wait. Playable?! I assumed he was gonna be an event boss, or something! This is… pretty dang cool, actually. It's also starting to remind me of Hyrule Warriors, a bit. That's no bad thing.

    Good stuff, DiVE team!


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