Thursday, July 2, 2020

Rockman VR Announced - Virtual Reality Experience Coming to Plaza Capcom (Update)

Capcom Japan have announced Rockman VR: The Targeted Virtual World!!, a brand-new virtual reality experience coming to the Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro store in a few weeks. I repeat: this is a virtual reality experience, not a home console title.

The attraction will reportedly have players arming themselves with a "real" Rock Buster to take down various enemies from Rockman 11. Rockman VR will be playable exclusively at Plaza Capcom's VR-X suite starting July 18th, 2020.

Here's the plot synopsis:

 "A peaceful VR world where everyone was having fun.... and Dr. Wily is planning to hack and conquer it! Oh, Rockman, put on the VR goggles developed by Dr. Right and enter the VR world to stop Dr. Wily's ambitions!"

More Rockman VR details are expected to be unveiled soon. And before anyone asks, no; this is not the "next major game" that's been in development since at least early 2019. Rockman VR is intended to be an attraction, limited to a very specific venue. The "major title" is currently being spearheaded by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and his team at Capcom Japan.

UPDATE: According to Tsuchiya, the Double Gear system will play a large role in the experience. What's more, it will be in first person.

Source: Plaza Capcom


  1. "This is NOT the 'next major game' that's been in development since late 2018, early 2019." Thank goodness. Then again, it's nice to have another Mega Man game fill the gap between Mega Man 11 and the next major game.

  2. BAH! I hate things like this! But only because there is no way I'll ever get to go play it! >_<

  3. wow i actually remember a long time ago in high school(we were pitching ideas for an amusement park in essay's.:3)i came up with a video game inspired one and the notable attraction that i put was a megaman virtual experience.(only difference was that roll was playable with megaman.still cool this is coming out a few days after my birthday.:3)

  4. Anyone else thought of battle network when reading the VR part?

    1. Looking at the Artwork, Battle Network would have made more sense in VR.

  5. This is actually a sick idea when you consider the Double Gear, shades of Superhot.

  6. Battle Network!! Rockman Exe

  7. Maybe they'll bring this to PSVR at some point.

  8. Interesting. If Mega Man 11 gets DLC it would be great.

  9. The dev team really likes block man, hm?

  10. Cool I guess. The average joe isn't going to have access to it if they're in a different country so whatever. VR makes me feel all bleh anyway.


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