Wednesday, July 22, 2020

"DUEL MASTERS PLAY’S" x Rockman EXE Collaboration Announced

Coming in hot after today's reveal of MegaHouse's Rockman EXE: Rockman vs Forte statue paint job, its been announced that the EXE series will be crossing paths once again with the Duel Masters franchise.

Find all the details after the break!

DUEL MASTER PLAY'S is a card game app available for iOS, Android and PC that debuted in Japan in 2019. The title is a modern version of the physical trading card game released by Tomy and Wizards of the Coast in 2002.

This is the fourth time that both franchises crossed over. First in 2005 with the double feature Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program and Duel Masters: Curse of the Death Phoenix with characters from each series having an small appearance in the movies. Forte also made his way to the Duel Masters TCG while Eternal Phoenix and Dark Phoenix from Duel Masters were made available in Rockman EXE 5 as Giga Class Chips.

Lastly, in 2016 a special card was released for the Duel Masters TCG to commemorate the double feature's release in 2005.

This new collabration starts on July 28 and will last until August 18. A special login bonus will be held during the event: by logging in for 10 days straight, players will get a special design card sleeve and tickets for the latest card pack.

Rockman and Forte will appear in the solo mode called "Legendary Battle" where players duel against powerful enemies called "Legend Duelists".

By playing "Legendary Battle" you can earn Legend Points and get various rewards based on the points you collect. You can also get special titles by clearing the various difficulty levels.

The event will have an original story where Rockman will have to resolve a case in Duema City.

By playing the event and spending Legendary Points, player will be able to obtain the "Brain Charger" PR card and two card sleeves with unique artwork.

Three unique titles obtainable by playing "Legendary Battle" 

Below you can see a list of the rewards obtainable by spending Legendary Points:

  • 100PT: Protect (Card Sleeve): "Rockman"
  • 300PT: DMPP-04  REBELLION SYMPATHY Pack Ticket x1
  • 500PT: Brain Charger PR x 2
  • 1000PT: DMPP-04  REBELLION SYMPATHY Pack Ticket x1
  • 1500PT: Protect (Card Sleeve)  "Forte"
  • 2000PT: Brain Charger PR x 2
  • 2500PT: DMPP-04  REBELLION SYMPATHY Pack Ticket x1
  • 3000PT: Brain Charger PR (Premium) x 2
  • 4000PT: Super Dragon Machine Dolzark x1
  • 5000PT: Title "Gentle Net Navi"
  • 6500PT: DMPP-04  REBELLION SYMPATHY Pack Ticket x2
  • 8000PT: Brain Charger PR (Premium) x 2
  • 10000PT: DMPP-04  REBELLION SYMPATHY Pack Ticket x2
  • 12000 PT: Galzark, Divine Destruction Dragonmech × 1
  • 15000PT: Title "Person who pursues strength"

Clearing the highest difficulty will also yield the "Cyber ​​Hero" title.

During the event, a special collaboration set will be sold at the card shop for 1000 gems.

The special set contains five card packs from the expansion REBELLION SYMPATHY, one skin chip and one randomly selected "collaboration prize card" out of two.

Both cards are already in the game but for this occasion they replaced the artwork. Estol, Vizier of Aqua as Rockman and Galek, the Shadow Warrior as Forte.

Furthermore, by collecting fours skin chips, you can acquire the skins of Rockman and Forte.

And lastly, three playmats will be available to purchase for 800 gems each in the game store.

I think it's safe to say that this is no coincidence that today we got the announcement for this collaboration and a major update on the Rockman VS Forte statue.

On top of this, as we reported not too long ago, Capcom are seeking partners to release all kind of products for the Mega Man Battle Network 20th anniversary that takes place next year. Is Capcom gearing up for the triumphant return of the Battle Network series? Time will tell!

Let us know what do you think about the new artwork in the comments!


  1. I had no idea Duel Masters was still a thing! gosh, that takes me back to Program of Light and Dark... it's already been 15 years since then!

  2. Wait, Duel Masters still exists?

    1. Yes but it has completely died out in the west due to Magic The Gathering being more popular. Japan is the opposite with Duel Masters being more popular while Magic The Gathering died out.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Alright someone help me out. Do I start now or should I wait till the event is live to get into this?

    1. I'm not too familiar with this game, but generally speaking i'd recommend that you start now, in order to familiarise yourself with the game before the event.

  5. Sick stuff and the art is good. I love the comic style shading it works well on EXE designs since they always remind me of superheroes anyway somewhat. Not too familiar with Duel Masters but I do know they have some of the best card artwork I've ever seen.

    Cool to see the two franchises continue their partnership and more over MMBN with blood in its veins. I really hope this means something big for EXE in the future. Here's hoping for a HD remake series or at least a collection with online play.

  6. They should release both a crossover game and tie-in anime between Battle Network and Duel Masters. Since they've had this many collaborations by now, it would make for some great material. A guy can dream at least.

    Then again, this fan art makes me wish its subject matter could happen:

  7. I don't play this game, but that is some great artwork. I'm gonna save it.
    Can anyone tell me who is the artist?

  8. Im hopinh they release these cards in proper card stock along with sleeves and the mats they will get a lot of money from me just so i can add these to my collection


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