Thursday, July 16, 2020

Rockman X DiVE's Summer Carnival: Watermelons and Coins

Summer has arrived in Rockman X DiVE. With one week to finish the Mega Man Zero Series event, the development team are introducing another big event: the Summer Carnival. It starts low-key but promises to heat up in August. You can find all the details about this week's content and a little something more after the break!

As we reported yesterday, the Summer Carnival is composed of four events: the Vigor Capsule/Banner, the summer Jakob Orbital Elevator Challenge I and two undisclosed events. Let's start with the Vigor Capsule/Banner.

Starting today and until August 20 at 15:59 (UTC+8) players can use this banner for free once a day. On top of whatever result you get from the gacha, you will get a Vigor Coin. Players will be able to obtain a total of 36 Vigor Coins from the banner before it expires. Alternatively, you can draw from the banner one extra time a day for 30 paid EM which also yields another Vigor Coin.

The Vigor Coins can be exchanged for various rewards in the store, most notably five S Rank characters: Black Zero, Cinnamon, First Amor X, Second Armor X and Ferham.

Rewards available to exchange for Vigor Coins.

But that's not all! You can get another 20 Vigor Coins by playing the Jakob Orbital Elevator Challenge I, a new difficulty added to the Jakob Orbital Elevator where you will be challenging the first 20 levels of the Elevator again under different rules. Challenge I finish on July 29 at 23:59 (UTC+8) and the Vigor Coins will be delivered to your in-box before August 4.

In total we will be able to get 56 Vigor Coins which translates to almost two free S Rank characters. If you want to go the extra mile, you can buy 170 paid EM for around $5/5€ and get the 4 Vigor Coins needed to reach 60 Vigor Coins, thus you will be able to obtain the second S Rank character.

On top of the Jakob Orbital Elevator Challenge I , levels 31 to 35 have been unlocked for normal and hard difficulty. Additionally, new rewards can be claimed when you beat level 33 and 35 in the current event tab.

The Savior Has Come has new missions and milestones to unlock. It's the usual stuff they have been doing. Beat the stage in all difficulties, finish co-op three times, do research three times, beat Story one time and  accumulate 500 and 2500 coupons.

Furthermore, this update has fixed some bugs and adjusted the following things:

Adjustment :

  1. Machine Gun weapon’s shooting speed has been adjusted.
  2. Co-op Stage 7-1, 7-2 complete condition has been adjusted to 360 seconds.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Ranked Match: After the death of the first character, the issue of chances to cause the rest of two characters unmovable has been fixed.
  2. Daily Mission: The bug of completing Ranked Match wouldn’t be determinate as daily mission has been fixed.
  3. Challenge > Race Mode: Ranking display bug has been fixed.
  4. Challenge > Jakob Orbital Elevator: The bug of chances to fall off the elevator while dash to the wall in scene that “elevator getting up” and cause the game stucked has been fixed.
  5. Co-op > Single Player:  Calculate display error has been fixed.
Note: You need to update the App to 1.4.1 to get this adjustments and bug fixes."

Earlier today when the new content notes were published on the Official Site, the development team made a mistake and listed Awakened Zero as one of the memories available to purchase from the store. Later it was change to just Zero, but this was not a typo: Awakened Zero is coming to the game very soon.

So that's all for this week! Next week promises to be an interesting one with the third DiVE Festival. We will be here to report about it!


  1. I actually saw the leaked picture for the banner for Awakened Zero. I can’t find it now...

  2. Nice. I can finally get Ferham. The gatcha have been realky kind to me until now, but i missed her.

  3. RiCO, sweetie, you could have tried a little harder with her "summer outfit." Just sayin'~


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