Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Udon Entertainment Are Working on a Few New Mega Man Books

Earlier this week, Udon's very own Matt Moylan took to the company's 20th anniversary Comic-Con stream to drop some "secret info" about books currently in-development. While there are numerous books coming from different video game and anime franchises, there's always one that appeals directly to us: Mega Man.

Here's what Matt had to say on that front: "We're working on a few books for Mega Man and I chose this Mega Man image on purpose, so think about that."

The image Matt is talking about is the above key art from Mega Man Legends 2. So yeah... think about that.

I'd like to add I'm privy to the development of one of these new books. It's something that I think a lot of people are really going to enjoy. Hopefully we'll have some news to share soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the tip, Paul!


  1. I hope this includes the Mega Mission books. I really hope they didn't forget about em.

  2. Please... Legends Complete Works!

  3. I'm assuming this is some sort of level so complete works book. Of which I will learner the instant it appears.

    1. Good lord I need to check before I press enter. Meant to say 'I'm assuming this is some sort of MM Legends complete works book. Of which I will preorder the instant it appears.

  4. Mega Man Legends Complete Works would be great!

  5. My guess:
    - I hope it's Mega Man Legends Official Complete Works! MML is the only series that didn't had an art compilation (ZX art was covered in Legacy Collection, but it would be nice to also have a ZXOCW for extra commentaries from the staff)
    - A translation from one of the DASH books?
    - Something Tatsunoko vs. Capcom related?
    - Something else?

  6. Yeah, the Mega Missions book kind of just went by the wayside, and the Mastermix line only a few volumes in last year and that was it. It can't be COVID-related, as Mega Missions was originally supposed to come out in early 2018 I believe?

    As for the picture, I can only assume it's for a Legends Complete Works which would be great! They managed to do a CW book for the Zero series (4 titles), so the 3 titles of the Legends series seems completely doable.

  7. Did Udon WRITE the Complete Works? I thought they just translated and imported them?
    Well, whatever. I'll take a Complete Works.

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  9. Is their any news on this project? I've scoured every reddit thread and Udon interview I can find. Has the project been cancelled?


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