Monday, July 6, 2020

Rockman X DiVE News Roundup - Bit, Mettaur Gigant, Iris New VA and More

A couple of days ago we got a peek at Zero from the Zero Series in Rockman X DiVE. And today we have a plethora of news plus some free goodies! Check out all the info after the break!

When Iris was introduced in Rockman X DiVE back on June 11, she didn't have a voice due to COVID-19 affecting the development of the game. Today the development team announced that she will be voiced by popular voice actress Aya Endō. Her voice will be added to the game this Thursday.

Via the episode 0 of "Grown-ups' Toy Box" we have some new revelations:

  • Mettaur Gigant from Command Mission and Bit from Mega Man X3 will be added to the Boss Challenge mode. 
  • Floor 31 to 35 and a third difficulty will be added to the Jakob Orbital Elevator event.
  • Zero (Zero Series) is an A rank character.
  • Level cap raise to 90 
  • Hard mode available for Area Forest 
  • New DiVE Trigger 
  • Story Chapter 9: Cyber Space

In the video above, host Shinn had an informal Q&A session with Rockman X DiVE producer Yoda Hideto and Twoyun, RiCO's cosplayer. Thanks to our friend Sonny, we can provide you with a translation:

SHINN: There's a lot I want to ask, including characters. Who will make their debut in X DiVE? Here's some of the ones I wanted: How about Rockman DASH (Mega Man Legends)?

Yoda: Ahh.... that's a great question.


Yoda: Rockman DASH is a rather old series but still holds up in popularity even to this day.

SHINN: Ah yeah!

Yoda: As long as they are connected to the Rockman Series, they might make their appearance here.

SHINN: Oh... so like Rockman.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network) as well? Shooting Star Rockman (Mega Man Starforce)?

Yoda: Ryuusei no Rockman (Mega Man Starforce)

SHINN: But if Rockman.EXE is joining, then what about Netto Hikari (Lan Hikari)? How would he make his appearance?

Yoda: Netto-kun ah... he's a human though... but that doesn't mean he can't appear in this game.

SHINN: Ah... so it's still possible.  Perhaps when Rockman.EXE is using Program Advance, we can have him shouting Sword, Wide Sword and Long Sword. Life Sword?

Yoda: You know a lot!

SHINN: Something along these lines...right?

Yoda: Right. No matter if they are male or female characters, human or Reploid, they might get their appearance in this game.

SHINN: Like the characters from Zero series that just got confirmed... How about the original X?

SHINN: Personally I like him a lot

Yoda: He's cool right?

SHINN: Yeah! He's a god!

Yoda: Then stay tuned for more!

SHINN: Now last question for characters... This questions might be a bit... I'm not certain whether the audience knows... but if you are a fan of X, you should know this character: Awakened X.

SHINN: The one that uses his hand to grab Sigma's face...(plays the video of "Day of Sigma") that possible?

Yoda: That's also a good question. But as always: Stay tuned!

SHINN: Ohh...(Self-hypnotizing he might)

Yoda: Like we just mentioned: characters we never got the chance to play as, even bosses that are used as chips only in the past... expect them to appear here.

RiCO: Now I want to ask... I nearly called you Mr. Rockman...

RiCO: I have a question for the producer. How do you define character ranks? Cause in the story, Zero is a SA rank hunter while X is a B rank hunter. How do you classify them into different ranks?

Yoda: Right. Like the original story, there are A rank and S rank Maverick Hunters. But in X DiVE, the ranks are completely different.

I believe you can feel how strong S rank characters are. But then there's also Axl, he's really strong although he is a B rank character.

The only difference being the difficulty in obtaining them. Like you can get B rank characters easier.
We hope everyone would collect more characters and enjoy them regardless of which rank they are in.

SHINN: Now another question... let me ask can we make Twoyun (Cosplayer for RiCO) available for everyone?

RiCO: WHAT Twoyun?

SHINN: My bad. I meant would RiCO be a playable character?

Yoda: Actually we received a lot of feedback regarding... about how annoying RiCO can get...

RiCO: How?

Yoda: Player-san. Player-san. Player-san. Actually it gets a bit annoying.

RiCO: But she's cute right?

Yoda: How about SHINN's thoughts about her? Representing the whole player base.

SHINN: On behalf of the player base: A lot better than X5 Alia.

Yoda: This is to allow newcomers to receive helpful information as much as possible.

SHINN: Ah... I see. Doing it occasionally is alright. She's cute anyway!

RiCO: Not a single bit! She's cute!

SHINN: I wonder if the comment section will get flooded with "SHUT UP".

Yoda: If we are able to cheer for her, I'm sure RiCO will be pretty happy about it.

Yoda: As for this question: anything can come true as long as they are possible.

SHINN: A lot of players are spamming for whoever they wanted to play as. And who they wanted in this game. I heard Yoda-san you have a say in this? Like who gets to be in X DiVE or not.

Yoda: Yeah. Of course.

SHINN: Now then comment your favorite character. Spam it in the comment section! And opinions about the game too, please comment. The officials will read them.

RiCO: Tell the officials your thoughts about the game.

Yoda: I'll read them after I receive translations.

SHINN: Or you could private message me, I'll tell him directly.

RiCO: Although I've asked you for something already, do you have something for me RiCO and other newcomers something special? And for something for "SHINN's Toy Box Show"?

SHINN: Enough! Enough! Stop asking him for more already!

RiCO: This isn't asking for more! This is for everyone's welfare!

SHINN: Enough Twoyun enough already.

RiCO: Why? I"m RiCO now! Call me RiCO!

SHINN: Ok respect respect.

Yoda: Alright. Now that RiCO asked for it. For those who are watching. We have a present for everyone.

RiCO: RiCO is helpful!

SHINN: This time being the most helpful!

RiCO: Really helpful! Super helpful!

RiCO: So we're having this special redeeming code here.

As you can guess from the chat above, we got a redeemable code for some free resources in the game, including 50 EM.

Use this code, JKVUSVJECV, on the Rockman X DiVE Official Site before it expires this Thursday at 21:59:59 (UTC+ 8).

That's all for today but we will have more Rockman X DiVE news tomorrow... or the day after tomorrow as we approach Z-day!


  1. "RiCO: But she's cute right?"

    I still loathe her design, personally.

    1. Her design doesn't mesh very well with the existing navigators. Somehow she stands out too much, and not in a good way.

    2. I think that’s the point. To stand out from the rest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. No. "Stands out from the rest, but not in a good way" is not the point. Having a distinctive design that is distinct from the other character, easely fit as a MMX design and at the same, and at the same time is easely recognizable in general---> good, that's the point.
      A design that does'nt really fit with the MMX verse, and at the same time looks to much like the kind of things you've seen somewhere else in anime and game is the wrong combination of different from what it should looks like and similar to what it should differ. (Thankfully, the "big forearm" robot look is not used much outside Mega Man X/classic theses days).

    4. Remembering the Interview from a while ago, i think the problem was that they give the artists directive about what elements to include without bothering to consider if thoses where the kind of stuff you would see in a MMX character.

    5. Not liking her design? Ok. I get that.
      Not meshing with in with the navigators? Huh?
      It's not like there is some kind of navigator template... Alia, Layer, Pallette and hell, Duo and Iris ALL look completely different.

    6. Ugh.. Double not Duo.
      That's what happens when too many canons and characters...

  2. The voice splicing at the start is just embarrassing. They must have tried combining two takes.

  3. That Q&A session was amusing. I wanted to see Bit and Byte as playable characters. also thank god MMZ is A rank. I would never get him if he was S rank. Hoping to see ZX soon. ZX needs more love then 2 games and a collection. (and of course Legends)

  4. RiCO vs. X5 Alia will be a debate for the ages. You can mute and skip RiCO, but Alia doesn't act as annoying as far as personality goes. I love that they brought that up.

  5. iris looks so cute(hope she gets a figurine made of her someday.still feel bad she never got a d-arts figure due to it disbanding,maybe a megahouse figurine since ones being made for megaman.exe & bass.exe.) and i enjoy her voice.

    also cool that the producer isn't against the idea of other mega man characters appearing in the future.i'd actually love along with 12,a legends collection & x9 see a "dream" mega man console game that combines the series.

    1. It's a shame Iris hasn't gotten an official figure to date.

    2. Yeah, they sure made some of the reploid females have a foxy appearance in this newer artstyle. Cute too, of course. Even though dive isn't canon, who knows, they might have a 4th navigator in X9, being Rico, helping to fight off the additional what was once called new generation reploids with copy chips, taking place either shortly after X8 or years later.

    3. I don't mind RiCO but she shouldn't appear in the games. Mainly, because (if I understand the story correct) she is in the "real" world versus the 21XX world of X and co. It would be very strange.

    4. If they add a navigator in a eventual x9, I'd rather they leave Mizuno (of whoever else will be in charge of the art) come up with the design for a new character, to see what he can do with it.

    5. You know, honestly, how about bringing back Nana?
      4 operators is too much, but still.

    6. Gotta agree with you, shrap. 3 nav for three hunters is fine, but if they want to bring someone in, Nana could be a better fit.

    7. I was thinking about this:
      Alia gives general advive
      Pallette item data
      Layer enemy data
      A fourth nav could provide plot details and world building. Which is what Alia should be doing, but whatever.

      Regardless, the navigators should be silenced ala X8 as well, and in an ideal world if you press the nav button they would speak but the game wouldn't stop. With modern tech there is no reason they couldn't talk while one is still playing the game.

  6. Bit! a boss... Sadface. Maybe he'll be playable some day. Maybe around Christmas...

  7. I love the Iris new VA. Awesome job of Aya Endō!

    1. She also inherited one of the late Mizutani's roles: Minnie Mouse

  8. Even as someone who did'nt mind X5 Alia that much, i gotta admit that "Less anoying than x5 Alia" still leave a lot of room to be anoying. Also, even her being less anoying than Alia is arguable. Maybe there should be a option to turn off the advices completely.
    She's cute alright, though
    She's very cute, but that might be the issue. Looks like they where tryng too hard to come up with a cute character, so it doesnt come off as natural and somehow feels off.
    Of course, maybe it's just because she is a new character and i have'nt had the time to grow atached to her, and i'll be fine with her in the future.

  9. Don't know if i am the only person in the wrld to want this, but personally, i would like a navigator selection option. Nothing against RiCO, but it would be nice to have Alia, Roll, Prairie or Iris give the advices, even if they also appear as playable character. Of course, i realise it would require a lot more work and organisation, as they would have to write their lines and have each of the Voice actresses record them, plus have Mizuno draw the various artworks, so i get why they would'nt bother doing this.

    1. I want that as well, maybe this would be the ocasion to have X as a navigator, as was meant to happen in X8. Not too fond of RiCO's personality, too.

  10. Where can i see the original interview?

    1. It's in the YouTube video above

    2. Nevermind. It was my phone not displaying the page properly


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