Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Rockman X DiVE's Summer Carnival Starts Tomorrow

We have a sneak peek of tomorrows Rockman X DiVE's content update. After the maintenance period that starts tomorrow from 14:00 to 16:00 (UTC+8), the summer season in Rockman X DiVE will commence! You can find all the details below!

The Summer Carnival is composed of four main events:

  1. Vigor Capsule/Banner: 1 FREE draw everyday
  2. Summer Jakob Orbital Elevator Challenge Ⅰ
  3. Event 3 (coming soon)
  4. Event 4 (coming soon)

As you can see, there are two secret events. Perhaps they could be special summer-themed characters? We should find out soon!

With this update, new levels will be added to the Jakob Orbital Elevator, most likely what they showed not long ago, levels 31 to 35 and The Savior has Come Limit event will start tomorrow, too.

For the moment that's all we know about tomorrow's content update. What do you think about Chill Penguin's summer costume? Let us know in the comments!


  1. The servers are in maintenance rigth now
    I can't play
    So dad:c

  2. The servers are in maintenance rigth now
    I can't play Now
    So sad:'c

  3. Chill Penguin looks chill. At the time of writing this comment (4:30 PM Adelaide time) the game is already under maintenance. At least it wasn’t cough cough swimsuit outfit characters.

    1. Don't talk to fast. Event 3 & 4 might very well be just that.

  4. would love to see the classic characters,x,zero & the navigators get summer outfits. :3

  5. They better start from scratch when this goes global and not skip over this stuff.

  6. Chill penguin looking more Chill than ever with theses sunglasses.
    I hope there will be other summer themed maverick design.

  7. If the navigators aren't in bikinis I ain't getting this game

    1. We're getting Vile in a boxer. Tomycase have proven that it looks both hilarious and good at the same time.
      (Joke aside, we're more likely to see the navigator in summer outfits)


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