Thursday, July 30, 2020

Rockman X DiVE's Summer Carnival: The Calm Before The Storm

Today we are starting the third week of Rockman X DiVE's Summer Carnival. So far it's been a very "chill" event, almost invisible if you will. This week in particular is feeling really bare, as there are no new characters arriving in the game. Regardless, this week brings a weapon banner and some new content to keep players entertained. Let's check it after the break!

As we said above, there is no new character banner this week. Instead, we have a weapon banner with a new weapon: The Savage Tusk of Thunder. It's a slightly modified design of Shadow's weapon from Rockman X Command Mission.

While the weapon seems to be good and the banner itself is attractive with a guarantee S rank weapon in the 1st, 3rd and 5th pull, it may be best to save your EM for the inevitable summer-themed characters coming next month.... I will leave that decision to you!

The banner will end next Thursday at 15:59 (UTC+8).

The Hunter Badges are back from today until August 5 at 22:00 (UTC+8). The usual stuff, you can get 20 badges from story mode, 10 from boss challenge and 6 from co-op every day and later you can exchange them for various rewards in the shop.

New rewards have been added for completing co-op stages during a period of one week. New daily missions plus two milestones have been added to the mission tab too.

Now we can get five extra Vigor Coins which added to the coins from the Vigor Capsule Banner and the coins you can get from the challenge mode of the Jakob Orbital Elevator makes it a grand total of 61 coins, enough to purchase 2 S rank characters from the store.

And talking about the Jakob Orbital Elevator, five new levels have been added to normal and hard mode and ten additional levels to challenge mode too.

The duration of the Jakob Orbital Elevator have been extended until October 3rd. Let us know in the comment how are you doing. Stuck in level 34?

The following items have been added to the store today:

  • Ion Rifle Memory (Element Metal Purchase)
  • Pallette Memory (Element Metal Purchase)
  • Marino Memory (Element Metal Purchase)
  • Layer Memory (Element Metal Purchase)
  • Arrow Buster Memory (Element Metal Purchase)
  • Drill Head Cannon Memory (Element Metal Purchase)
  • Ion Rifle Memory (Element Metal Purchase)

*Available Time: 2020/07/30 16:00 ~ 2020/08/06 15:59 (UTC+8)

So that's all for this week. The Lord of Snowy Plain is coming, get ready!


  1. I got stuck on Floor 34 on Hard, but it shouldn't be too bad for long.

    And Lord of the Snowy Plain, eh? I hope that comes with a costume for someone like the White Day event...

  2. Chill Penguin in watermelon armor may just be the greatest thing ever now.

  3. It's probably for the best that they did not add any new character this week.
    Just after the MMZ event and the Awakened Zero event, a bit of time to save some EM is welcome.

  4. swimsuit characters have been confirmed. groan

  5. I think we can expect a new skin for a couple of characters.
    Alia and Cinamon got a outfit for the white day event, so maybe it will be someone else' turns this time.
    I can see Iris in a sundress.
    Of course, if they go the sexy route with a swimsuit, it will surely be Layer.

    Now i really hope we will see the watermelon CHILL penguin in-game.


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