Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Images of Collectible Mega Man Statue

Brett Elston has shared a few additional photos of the absolutely gorgeous Mega Man statue revealed at PAX East. Head over to Capcom Unity to check those out. Further, here's some facts:

  • Made by: Multiverse Studios (same manufacturer of the successful Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition last year)
  • Height: 10" x 6" base
  • USB powered LED lights: spotlights on base, MM helmet and Buster
  • Exclusive to the Capcom Store Only 
  • Limited number to be produced, each individually numbered (# units TBD but under 2000 for sure)
  • Available for sale as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive

So... is it exclusive to the Capcom Store or SDCC? I'm working on getting clarification.

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. If at all either, it's going to be stupid ridiculous to get a hold of, especially with how hard it is to order something from the Capcom-Unity store.

  2. Make me feel alive again!

  3. awesome, I gotta have it. this statue looks much better then the megaman statue capcom us released in the late 90s as a promotion for megaman 8. I just hope this one won't be as hard to get a hold of.

  4. This is made to celebrate MM's 25th? Great!
    Less than 2000 made? Even better! I wouldn't want to celebrate MM's 25th without busting my ass to find a statue I know I'll never get my hands on. At best, 2000 MegaMan fans will be a little less disappointed this year.

    Good going again, Capcom.

  5. The face looks weird. The eyes in particular, look too small.

  6. I'm with ya Flame, the eyes sorta creep me out. I almost think the statue's face was influenced by this guy:


    Since Brelston said they were working hard just to get it ready in time for this reveal date, perhaps the face was a little rushed. Hopefully they can do some tweaks to it before it's up for sale, because everything else about it is pretty sweet.

  7. his eyes are off, too small, everything else seems fine


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