Friday, March 29, 2013

Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue Up for Pre-Order

Originally intended as a Comic-Con exclusive, Capcom decided to toss this guy up on the Capcom Store. You can pre-order yours now for $99.95. Again, here's those bullet points:

  • USB powered LED lights on the base, helmet & buster
  • 10 inch statue on a 6 inch diameter base
  • Each individually numbered
  • Capcom Store Exclusive - Limited Availability

Grab your Zenny and fly by the Capcom Store. Pre-orders will be taken through April 25!

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. I pre ordered one! I hope Digital River doesnt pull a Ni no kuni with this statue.

  2. The eyes are way too small. Whoever buys this is wasting their money on incorrect merch, and Capcom should know this is incorrect.

  3. I just booked two of 'em.

    ...and I'm keeping both.

  4. Otarolagam:

    It's a prototype mold. There's plenty of time to fix it.

  5. I...kinda agree with otarolgam. The attention to detail for such a basic design is lacking. And that's the whole selling point of a "statue" versus an articulated figure, right? Aesthetically, this thing has nothing on either the D-Arts or Kotobukiya offerings.

    But, that's me. And if someone else has a hundred bucks to blow on a light-up collectible, then by all means, fork over your zenny, and keep rockin' on.

  6. One hundred bucks. *sigh*...what to do? The crossroads of the collector's mindset and being broke. There's always the option to charge it, I suppose. Let's weigh in the circumstances here.

    Anniversary figure in limited quantities going on sale soon. Pre-orders begin, and if he is serious, jerks like Rockonymous buying two or more for no good reason. Which leads to the next circumstance: eBay. Either buy one now, or pay horribly inflated prices later on and risk them being scarce to find as time passes. Capcom should limit one per customer if it's a limited collectable. Seriously.

    Another circumstance, this is one of two statues, the other probably being cheaper, but still. The costs add up.

    Final circumstance is the reality of if it's really worth it. Is it? I dunno, it's pretty damn cool, eyes or not. But one hundred bucks? That's money that could pay for a lot of other things. Other collectables even. I could buy two maybe three D-Arts/Kotobukiya figures with it.

    Well. It's a decision we all must face here. Some can make the choice easier than others lol...

  7. Well the statue is already sold out! And it's stupid. Why was this so limited while the Street Fighter Statue for the box set you can still get? I think it's a bit unfair that the Mega Man Statue isn't available for everyone too...

  8. Worth it IMHO. Instant buy. I only got one though, gotta leave some for everyone.

  9. @Anon 6:44

    Do I really have to answer why Capcom gave more attention to Street Fighter than Megaman?

  10. Stay away from this! I tried ordering the damn statue and it came up with a error message and said to place another order... So I placed another one. Then when I went to look at the Order History it came up twice instead of being one. And when I wanted to cancel one of them, there is no setting for it. Instead you have to e mail Capcom. Seriously? That's like going backwards! People should be able to go on the Capcom Store and cancel stuff. Also Capcom says they don't charge you right away for pre orders, and they do! My husband tried ordering me one with his debit card, and the order wouldn't go through, said payment failed..

  11. They don't take the money out immediately, but there's certainly a pending payment. Mildly irritating since that money is now being held, but whatever, I reckon.

  12. I agree with "otarolgam"; I don't like the face at all, which is not nearly as good as the Kotobukiya model, or even the D-Arts sculpt, over which I also prefer Kotobukiya's. Also: Why is Rock leaning slightly to one side?

    CAPCOM has done (or has authorized) terrible Blue Bomber sculpts in he past; the 10th Anniversary resin sculpt was pretty ugly, and those horrid Jazwares toys, if I am to name but a few. It would not surprise me if they didn't know any better and left it as-is.

    However, the light-up helmet and buster is a big win for me, and that photo of Rock from the side holding his buster (with face obscured) is bad-ass. I guess I can just display mine like that; they squeezed a pre-order out of me.

  13. If those of you who bought the statue, despite having some reservations about the face, yet thought to yourselves "Well, I'm sure this is a prototype, despite it being colored and everything...", and comes the day you receive the statue and nothing has changed...

    I'm just going to have myself a chuckle then a deep sigh at your expense, cause all this will do is drive Capcom to believe that fans want merch, no matter how bad it looks. We apparently have no self control because "if we don't support the merch, how can we say we support the franchise?", right?

    No, I don't like this. Capcom keeps setting this trap and we constantly fall in. "Buy the merch, or we'll think you have no interest in the series." It's like they're holding MegaMan hostage and preying on our nostalgia. Sort of sickening to me.

    Sorry for the rant, but that's just my thinking... no matter how incomprehensible it may be... ^^;;;

  14. The face isn't a huge deal for me. So I'll enjoy my awesome light up statue, while you chuckle with no statue.

  15. @turian:

    And I'll chuckle as your blow $100+ on a statue that you'll forget about in a couple weeks because it will get overshadowed by the next $60-100 statue you buy.
    Most likely it'll be a half-naked animu girl, too.


    As for this statue and it being practically the only thing we're getting besides a silver statue that looks even worse?

  16. @ otarolgam
    You hit the nail on the head, I think; it has kind of been like they have been holding Mega Man hostage, especially after Inafune left. What you've written isn't incomprehensible at all, especially since we're talking about CAPCOM here; I'm sure it takes a lot less money to "develop" a light-up statue than it does to develop an actual game, and they probably have a much higher profit margin on the statue. CAPCOM has been putting profits first, and fans second (or third, or fourth...) for a very long time now.

    I guess I'll have plenty of time to think about it and cancel my order, as this thing probably won't be released/shipped for several months.

    However, I've got to say that most of my recent Mega Man-related purchases were out of genuine appreciation for those things, and not due to a lack of self-control; the D-Arts figures and Kotobukiya models just might be the best Mega Man figures ever released.

  17. Isn't this something Capcom USA dreamed up? So, isn't it a little harsh to be completely trashing the effort like this?

    I mean, they're kind of the unsung heroes of Mega Man. I mean, look at the US effort for the 25th anniversary versus what's been done in Japan.

    Rockman Xover? Um, thanks.

    Is it perfect, no, but how about a little slack. It IS a prototype, after all. I think Capcom USA has earned a little benefit of the doubt.

    Come on, guys. We're not JUST a rage machine now, are we?

  18. TrueLegend,

    You're forgetting that Japan got the insanely expensive E-Tank with music from 1-10. Though to be fair, that is a cooler item than anything CoA announced/released. Granted, I'd have to be insane to consider buying it.

  19. @ TheTrueLegend:
    I did specifically say that I pre-ordered one; I think that's probably the only kind of support about which CAPCOM really cares. I think forking-over the requested payment is at least "a little slack," to the tune of around $120 after shipping and taxes. I'm hoping it's cooler in-person, and/or that it changes a little before they're ready to ship in July.

    Yes, this is seemingly a CAPCOM USA thing, and I agree with you that CAPCOM USA has been pulling for Mega Man, but that does not mean there's no merit in speaking our minds.

    So, the answer to your question is clearly "no"; with pre-order in-hand: some of us are decidedly not "JUST a rage machine." In fact, the only way to really care about something is to try to leave it better than you found it; such criticism is reflective of how much the fans care. I've been with CAPCOM and Mega Man for the full 25 years; this is definitely a subject which matters to me. If people didn't care: they wouldn't bother to criticize.

  20. @amr

    I only collect Rockman/mega man statues/figures. nothing else. That's what you get when you "ass"ume. jerk.

  21. For any of you that's complaining over the eyes just being a tad too small, you need to seriously re-evaluate yourselves. It's silly.

    It's a cool statue. It looks well built. With a reported estimate of -2000 units being made, it's sure to become quite sought after as time goes on.

    As for games versus (some)merchandise, don't be narrow. Games sell for less because they can move more units onto unlimited discs, while statues and other inanimate products are unique things. There's not a specific factory for just one of them. Everything has to be prepared for it. Also why there's a limited quantity.

    It also shouldn't be seen as more merch purchases equals more attention over games. It's the franchise in general. A lot more goes on behind the curtain when making a game rather than some products, which is why there are more of them. Granted, we all want ourselves and new game, but that's still in the future.

    Also, about that other doesn't really look silver to me. It looks more like it's unpainted.

    So, in the end, I pre-ordered one of these. I'd rather pay $120 (total) than double or triple that down the line.

  22. @otarolgam

    Of all the things to complain about...Dude, don't become like some of the Sonic fanbase who raise their pitchforks just because Sonic has green eyes.

  23. If you want a good Megaman related piece of merchandise, just buy the D-Arts Megaman action figure. It looks a lot better and it comes with Rush, a Metool and some other fun accessories.

  24. I agree with all of you on the eyes. I realize it's totally a nitpick thing to focus on, but I paid $30 shipped for my Kotobukiya kit and that thing is likely the most accurate (yes, more than the most recent D-Arts) Megaman figure ever produce.

    As far as dropping $100 on a Megaman figure, I did drop $100 on a Bon Bonne figure from Owl, for which I have no regrets. Posable and with superb craftsmanship. Probably less than 50 in existence. "Limited edition," what?

  25. @Kenichi340

    If I want to complain about the aesthetic viewpoint of this statue, I'm just as well allowed to because, hey... it's a free country and it's the internet. I can voice my opinion. It's your decision to ignore or comment on it that ultimately resides on you.

    Also, I'm just worried that they're presenting this piece as a collector's item based on the 25th Anniversary, yet those who do order this and get it, then wait a couple months and decide to sell it to get their next fix of merchandise crack, will be disappointed to see LOWERED PRICES due to the eyes making the whole thing look like a knock off.

    I mean, it's highly unlikely that it'll happen, but... I'm just pointing it out. You guys could be investing in something that will only lose you money, despite it's "Limited" quantities.

  26. @ TheDiaPort

    I'm not entirely sure I agree. The E-Tank is cool, don't get me wrong, but it's full of music that, quite frankly, is pretty easy to get already. So, in a lot of ways, it's just not worth it. It's cool, but I'd put it on par with Capcom USA's efforts with neat stuff like this statue and the Mega Man USB which is affordable and packed full of neat, effectively free stuff. Plus, considering the resources available per branches of Capcom, it's pretty awesome to see anything from Capcom USA.

    @ S.A.M.

    It's certainly a good thing to be responsibly critical but there comes a point when some reprieve has to be given. I just don't think Capcom USA deserves the same harsh treatment as Capcom of Japan does for being the real decision makers of the fate of Mega Man.

    Certainly express concerns with the product, sure, but does it have to be another crusade against "Crapcom" as if it's just one homogenous blob? There are good people at Capcom trying to fight for this franchise. If I can stand up for them I'm going to do so. I don't believe for a second I'm the only person, don't mistake me. I know plenty of us are still keeping a level head. I'm merely trying to put the point out there for anyone that might not be.

  27. Awesome just preordered my 10 statues. i'm gonna have em all light up in my room @ night like stars....


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