Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boss Battle Gallery Artwork For Sale

Roll Caskett by Tavish

Hey, want to take home the artwork of the Mega Man Boss Battle Tribute gallery? Well you're in luck because the Gauntlet Gallery are selling 'em! There's a handful of fine pieces to choose from. Simply select your favorite(s), pick a canvas size, and fork of some dough.

Mind you, a majority of these pieces are reproductions. There are a few originals up for grabs, but they're going to cost you a pretty penny. Tomahawk Man and Andrew Butterworth's original Dr. Light capsule, for instance, run for $3000. That's a lot of Zenny!

If this tickles your fancy, head over to the Gauntlet Gallery store. All original art and last print of any edition will not ship until March 30.

Source: Gauntlet Gallery Store


  1. ^
    Ok. What's your problem this time?

  2. Ordered the roll.

  3. @Anonymous #1:

    I'm guessing it's because of how ridiculously overpriced these things are.

  4. Artists have to make money, and most of these are fine-art prints on canvas. The originals being priced at several thousand dollars ... well, original art is only worth what people are willing to pay.

    I was tempted to order several prints myself, but (because of tax season) I was reluctant to go for more than one. I ended-up purchasing one of the smaller-sized prints last night, as I already have a lot of art in my home, and it will be easier to find space for it.

    The price jump between print sizes is kind of disproportionate, especially considering that the larger versions are in less limited editions; $200 for the largest size seems more reasonable, with the mid-range faling somewhere in-between.

  5. @Anon 1:

    $85-3000 for PRINTS of artwork that's no better or worse than what's posted posted on various different art sites such as Pixiv, Tumblr, DeviantART, and Booru-esque pages?

    That's laughably pathetic.

    Even the X Capsule is asking for way too much. $1000 AT THE VERY MAX, for something like that. Especially since it only costed the maker maybe $500 at the very most, to make it.
    And considering it says that they're NOT gonna be as high quality as the displayed version? That's just funny to be asking a price like that.

    Plus, I doubt majority of the MegaMan fanbase has that kind of dough just lying around to blow off. They flip their shit at seeing a damn Link PET EX or Plug In PET be any higher than $200.

  6. @Amir:
    There are no "prints" for sale at the $3,000 price point; those prices are for original, one-of-a-kind works.

    As far as the prints go: artists want to make money being artists, and can charge whatever they want for their art. Canvas prints also aren't cheap. Whether or not people pay those amounts is a different issue...

    I bought a small print myself, but (I agree with you, and) felt that the other two sizes were overpriced.

    "Especially since it only costed (sic) the maker maybe $500 at the very most, to make it."

    How do you know how much the capsule cost to make, and are you including the time spent making it? When you buy a uniquely-crafted item, you are not just buying the materials used to make it; you're buying the time spent acquiring those materials, the time spent in the design process, the cost of living during the creation of the item, and the time spent using the materials to execute that design. This is how professional artists live. The Gallery also inflates the price so that they can take a commission on the sale before they pay the artist, which is how the artist pays to have the item sold through the gallery website, and featured in their physical space.

    (However, $3,000 can buy a pretty decent used car, and I would certainly not pay $3,000 for that capsule, but someone might.)

    I also don't think these items are targeted at the "majority of the MegaMan fanbase." These items are clearly targeted at adults who grew-up playing Mega Man and have an interest in art; the "majority of the MegaMan fanbase" have plenty of t-shirt, poster, and sticker options available at the Capcom store, or Zazzle.

  7. Damn being broke! I would love prints of my favorite pieces from that gallery! ;.;


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