Thursday, March 14, 2013

Check Out the Powered Up Inspired "Worlds Collide" Covers

Archie Comics aren't quite ready to reveal the standard cover for "Worlds Collide" #9. In the meantime, Destructoid brings us our first look a two delightful variant covers. Click the link to check them out in all their super hi-res glory!

Illustrated by Ryan Jampole with inks by Gary Martin and colors by Matt Herms, the covers form a tantalizing, Mega Man Powered Up diptych. Head over to Ryan's deviantART for the raw pencils.

Thanks to Mega Man Monthly for the tip!


  1. I'm totally loving the Sonic Powered Up versions.

    Makes the series feel lighter after @?!# like 06, ShTH, etc,

    Obviously I'd like the S3&K or Sonic CD/OVA characterizations more, but this works too!

  2. shadow has a game gear, YES!


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