Monday, March 18, 2013

Rockman Xover Launches "Legend Armor"

Not too long ago we saw a Rockman Xover screenshot teasing the prospect of playing as the classic Blue Bomber. However, Rockman Unity has reveled the truth the image. That is not a playable Mega Man, but an armor that OVER-1 can equip. It's called "Legend Armor", and it grants the player access to OVER-R, who looks a lot like Mega Man.

Collecting OVER-R's pieces is easy: simply log into Xover. Each day you log in during the campaign period, you'll be handsomely rewarded with a piece of the Legend Armor. OVER-R will be yours in no time at all. You can check out more screens of OVER-R in action at Rockman Unity.

No news on the possibility of other characters showing up as Legend Armors, but I think it's pretty much a given. I can see it now: OVER-X, OVER-Z, etc.

Credit: The Mega Man Network



  2. all this nice artwork being wasted on this game...

  3. Looks so bad. Like they traced over OVER-1

  4. *groan*

    And here I thought that the other Megamen might finally be actively involved in the plot...

  5. @Anon 2:

    That's because IT IS OVER-1.


    Meh, I guess I'll redownload the game and boot the game up once a day for a week and get the Armor parts, then stop playing again.

  6. Ooo! Artwork for a non 8-bit Mega Man 11? Ah, wait...nope, it's for Xover. Cool, I guess. The game itself will always be meh, though.

  7. ... anyone else see those Star Force cuties in the bathing suits? XD

    Anyway, this is awesome! I mean, sure, it looks fairly silly in-game, but the concept is pretty cool. I wonder what unique powers this armor has? Too bad it's a limited-time only thing... I doubt I'll have an iOS-driven thingy any time soon. Or Android. Just have no use for either/or at this moment. (Well, aside from playing Minecraft in my living room or chatting in bed. That'd be handier than using my 3DS and a web app. Heh heh.)

  8. Only the dead can know peace from this evil. Every time I see news for this abomination of a "game" i feel a hole in my stomach. megaman was my childhood hero and as stupid as it may sound seeing this just makes me said because every image of I see of X-over screams "We don't give a fuck anymore"- capcom.

    My only hope for a good megaman game is in the fan game communities.

  9. *sees sprites for OVER-R

    Uh...oh god...ack...ARGH!!

    Are you serious?? Someone actually got a job, at Capcom none the less, as a sprite artist, and...


    *foams at mouth

  10. @5:06 PM Anon: I didn't see the pillow shading until you pointed it out. *HURK*

  11. @5:06 Anon: Holy mother of-

    Maybe I don't want to see a higher-resolution Megaman game. Geeze, even when I was a kid, I could make sprites more professionally than that!

  12. Disappointing that it's just armor, but then again, should I really be surprised?

  13. Why don't you have a seat over there, Mr. Collins?

  14. Dang, they nerfed it from the preview picture... I got the armor this morning, and the lower-right-most slot no longer gives and bonus. Now I can't find a setup to make it better than Over-5...


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