Saturday, March 2, 2013

GameCenter CX's Rockman 4 Episode Subbed

For those not in the know, GameCenter CX is a cult favorite Japanese television television show in which the star, the charming Shinya Arino, is tasked with completing outrageous video game challenges. In between the anguish and hilarity of the task, Arino does some other game related segments such as talking to game developers and visiting game centers. It's all quite entertaining!

Anyway, the episode featuring Rockman 4 has recently been subbed and posted to YouTube. Believe it or not, this challenge spans two whole episodes! I've embedded the first part above. Click here to check out part two.

Enjoy! It's a good one!


  1. The Kachou is the best!

  2. Now I have to find two hours to watch something I have to read.

  3. My god. How do you die against Toad Man?

  4. I thought I was bad at MM4, but he makes me fell like a pro!

    But as that seems to be the 1st time he ever played the game, not knowing the bosses weaknesses and all, it is understandable.


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