Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Art of Tron (and Servbots) in Onimusha Soul

Here's another look at Tron Bonne and her pint-sized cohorts in Onimusha Soul, Capcom's browser-based strategy RPG. Hit the jump to check out more costume variations.

When played, Tron's card raises the players defense 60%. Her special technique is the King Kobun. Once again, she's voiced by Mayumi Iizuka.

Source:, 4Gamer


  1. Gotta say, these are gorgeous!

  2. Why is her chest so big? That's not right.

  3. What?! You don't know? Japanese people always use girls, and big chest + panties to seduce players specially boys,

    Your comment is invalid lol

  4. Her chest is so big because she is actually 27 years old. She's aged in realtime! :P

  5. Oh lord she is so hawtttttt!!!!

  6. Tron still has her crotch plate even on medieval Japan!

  7. @Zynk: I'm more concerned that she could build a Servbot back then.

  8. Why do people get so happy about this artwork? If you guys spend any time online and look at any anime/Japanese art sites, you'll see stuff like this all the time. They are not even a dime a dozen, they are nothing a dozen and more.

  9. ^
    Because this is official and not shitty fan-art.

  10. nice i guess i do have the hots for tron

  11. @12:45 AM: Shitty fan art? There are many fan artists the blow this mediocre splash of genericness clear out the water.

    Also how does anime/Japanese art sites = fan art. There is plenty official art in Japanese art sites.

  12. @Cyberguy: Well here's where Clockwork Servbots come to mind.

  13. Hey, Zynk, you were wondering about Breath of Fire girls in the previous post about this game, weren't you? Well, man, be happy: Nina is there. ^^

    Along with her and the charaters revealed before, there are also:

    - Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
    - B. B. Hood (Darkstalkers)
    - Hsien Ko (Darkstalkers)
    - Lady (Devil May Cry)
    - Claire (Resident Evil)
    - Trish (Devil May Cry)
    - Kyrie (Devil May Cry)
    - Silvia (Viewtiful Joe)

    Pretty good selection, but I think they could put at least one more girl from Megaman in the game. Still nice though.

  14. Good grief. o_o She's beautiful!


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