Sunday, March 3, 2013

Street Fighter X Mega Man is 1 Million Strong

The following tweet comes from Street Fighter X Mega Man developer/creator Seow Zong Hui...

So there you have it. Street Fighter X Mega Man has been downloaded a million times. I think it's safe to say Capcom, or at least senior community manager Brett Elston, is very pleased. Take a look at his statement from late last year:

"I would argue that if anything, if we get a million downloads of [Street Fighter X Mega Man], and certainly I think that's the floor I hope to see -- it's free, it should hopefully do more than that! -- that just helps raise awareness for the brand across the board and creates fertile ground for things to happen regardless of which direction that it kind of comes in."

Rest assured, SFxMM has proved there is a sizable Mega Man audience. We've done our part; the ball's in Capcom's court.

Source: @SonicZH


  1. I gotta say, that is pretty cool. :D

  2. I've downloaded it several times (both versions) and I still can't play it.

    They need to put it on a game system... ANY game system (NOT Sony)!

  3. Seems kinda low for a free downloadable game involving 2 major franchises.....

  4. @3rdAnon
    Why the hell not?

  5. It took two and half months to get to those numbers on a free to play game? I doubt Capcom will be pleased with that.

  6. ^
    You have to remember, these numbers are coming from Capcom's Unity count. They do not include mirrors from other sites.

  7. I should be happy, but I'm still frustrated over the idea of an 8-bit crossover with Street Fighter being the measuring stick by which Capcom measures the popularity of the franchise.

    I'm still not holding my breath for anything too special. Even if they decide it's worth their money to make a decent Megaman game, the only way we'll get anything this year is if it's another quick 8-bit game. Nothing inherently wrong with that, except we're over-saturated with those right now.

    Still, I guess we'll just have to see what's what.

  8. How many of those were downloads from the same person I.E. the 3rd anon, also this has two ips and took a while to reach a million so Capcom can take it as a bad thing.

  9. ^
    We're not sure how Capcom logged the counter. But what we do know, anyone who downloaded it while logged into their Unity account got an SFxMM emblem under their avatars.

  10. "We've done our part; the ball's in Capcom's court."

    Yep, but they know Megaman serie is really liked before SFXMM....

    hummm, maybe a reason to make a new street fighter? XDD I joke

    I hope just they wont troll us anymore <_<

    Megaman Forever... <3

  11. To be fair on one million being a low count...

    While the game is a crossover, it obviously plays like a MM game, so that might not appeal to SF or fighting game fans. Not all crossovers can appeal to both sides.

    Nonetheless, I think it did well.

  12. Does that mean we'll see Street Fighter X Mega Man 2?! In any case, it's a good start for the 25th anniversary celebration.

  13. @Dr. Jerk,

    Well, they certainly tried. If anything, SFxMM feels like its taking very little from Mega Man other than the core mechanics, otherwise being the Mega Man game designed for Street Fighter fans.

    I, personally, found it difficult to get "into" the game for that reason. I have only a passing interest in 2D fighters and most of my experience with them comes from the Super NES days. For one who is a fan of Mega Man alone, you walk into a game that has absolutely none of the supporting cast that you're familiar with, and whose weapon weaknesses you have NO CHANCE IN HELL of applying any logic to (not that Mega Man weaknesses often make sense, but there's usually one or two that are guessable).

  14. Congratulations! Now, Capcom will be 5% less likely to cancel the next game!

  15. Great.. Now, go and make Megaman 11. We need it. :)

  16. Capcom Japan: Well done people! Now you can get the NEW Megaman Notebook that SHINES in the dark! Cool, huh!


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