Saturday, March 30, 2013

“Between the Pages” Checks Out Worlds Collide

With several reports of the first Worlds Collide issue hitting mailboxes now, there's no time like the present to check out Bleeding Cool's “Between the Pages”  Paul Kaminski interview. It's nearly fifteen minutes long, but well worth the watch if you're in need of more crossover hype!

Thanks for the tip, Tim!


  1. It was a neat interview but we might have gotten some more information if the host knew anything about either comic, to be honest.

    (Good hints for people that are interested in the comic medium though.)

  2. I got it in the mail today. It was abysmal, even worse than I thought.

    I'm glad my subscription ends with this issue...

  3. @Rockonymous

    I have to see this issue for myself in order to come up with a judgment. I more than likely will still keep on reading if it does not live up to my expectations. Who knows? Things can get better! Unfortunately, I have to wait til this series hits the comic store shelves since I don't have a subscription. :/

  4. @E. Leona Castillero

    "Who knows? Things can get better!"

    People have been saying that since the start of the comic. It's ok that you like it man but if some people just don't think it's for them and it shows no signs of improving it's their right as consumers to stop purchasing the product.

    Which is probably why sales for the comic last year were frankly not good.

  5. I don't like the way they treat Mega Man like its some kind of lesser series that's being tacked on to the 'OH GREAT SONIC THE HEDGEHOG', I don't damn care if its their longest running video game based comic or whatever.

    I don't even like Sonic the-I don't know who I am so I try to imitate everything in existence-Hedgehog that much, and if this continues I will show that series no respect, God knows the Sonic fans show Mega Man no respect.

  6. @Anon2:

    Can you blame them? The last twelve issues of Megaman were nothing like the first twelve.

    The comic deviated harshly from everything you'd expect from Archie's take on Megaman to a platform for Ian Flynn to stroke his overdeveloped ego. He rushed/abandoned adaptation concepts and focused on poor melodrama, X-men-esque dialogs, fanboy pairings and OCs with too much focus.

    2012 was spent molding this crossover and the best Flynn could manage was to retcon himself and wipe the slate clean with his cherished universe-altering deus ex machina: Chaos Emeralds.

    Even Ken Penders had enough "creative" muscle to think up the One Billionth Ring. Flynn just takes things from the Sonic/Megaman wikis and makes up rules for them however he chooses.

    Comic book writers have some of the biggest egos on the planet, and you can almost always see it in their work. Flynn might be more humble if not for all the brown-nosers who lavish him with unabashed, unfounded praise...

  7. Hey Protodude, it looks like you messed up some formatting or something with that last post, because this now has the wrong video.

  8. Still the correct vid on my end?

  9. "Even Ken Penders had enough "creative" muscle to think up the One Billionth Ring."

    That was Mike Gallagher, chief.

  10. @Rockonymous: I'd develop an ego too if I was one of the few men on the planet handling one of the few and rare comics of an iconic video game franchise. It doesn't help they come from 2 different Japanese companies and they allowed a crossover as well. The fact he has two of them would instantaneously cause that ego to swell enormously, especially given their cultural status is almost on level with Batman.

    I really can't say I blame him, regardless of whether his work is great or not.

  11. so is there any evidence of Ian Flynn having an ego, or is this just you guys reading your own interpretation into his time as a writer?

  12. @10:23 anon: This is nothing but people who are reading too much into things. I swear everyone saying Ian has an oversize ego sounds exactly like me in grade school: So wrapped up in fantasy to end up losing grip with reality, except I was diagnosed with ADD. People on Deviant Art keep saying he hates the SatAM characters, but he doesn't. The "Mandate" from Sega is to either update their looks or lose them completely, and with the reveal of Sally's new look, its obvious he intends to keep them in the comic.


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