Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Epic-Scents Holding Mega Sweepstakes

Epic-Scents are playing host to a special sweepstakes in honor of their upcoming Mega Man and Proto Man air fresheners (previous story here). Not only could you walk away with some free "Mega Man Scent Blasters", but you could win some D-Arts figures and an iPad 3. Details below:

To enter the sweepstakes, simply fill in the appropriate information at Epic-Scents' Facebook page. Entries will no longer be accepted after November 2nd, 2012.

I'm still a little bewildered by the whole fragrance crossover thing. Still, those are some mighty tantalizing prizes. Who's going to pass that up?

Source: PR Newswire
Sweeptstakes Entry: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Epic-Scents/270981659634933


  1. I wonder if the first-place winner gets to choose which D-Arts figure they get, or if it's randomized.

  2. The term "Blueberry Bomber" just popped into my head. I'm not really sure why. Heh heh heh...

  3. Entered.

    You know, I thought the same thing, Joseph. Mega Man is probably Blueberry scent and Proto is probably Cherry.

    Then again, Mega might be a usual new car/fresh smell while Proto might be just a berry blend. All I know is that if they ever make a Bass, he will most definitely smell like the black colored car scent things. Black Ice pine tree or whatever. Or the scented black rosaries you can find in dollar stores and the like. =P

  4. I must add, I got a few ideas for more "Obvious" scents with characters from the X Series that I posted on Capcom-unity & Epic-Scents pages. So I figured I'd Share them here too ^__^.
    -Optic Sunflower from MegaMan X8 with a Sunflower scent.
    -Cinnamon from MegaMan X Command Mission with Cinnamon scent.
    -Axle the Red (Spike Rosered) From MegaMan X5 with Rose scent.
    And how about one just for giggles
    -Tornado Tonion from MegaMan X7 with an Onion scent.

  5. @MegaNerdX:

    You'd better hope that they don't release a "Ground Scaravich" scent, if Mega Man X themes are done.

    I hope that these don't just smell like fruit. The new car is the way to go. It's the only thing that fits with the characters.

    Lastly, Protodude, The Mega Man Network just posted some info on the 25th Anniversary Rock/Techno Soundtracks from TEAM Entertainment Inc.

  6. Hi everyone! Jim from Epic-Scents here. A quick background, I grew up playing Mega Man, and never really stopped as I got older. There's a couple of great articles on our Facebook page that describe how we designed the fragrances. We tried hard to capture the characters in the scents we used to represent them. I'd like to encourage everyone to let us know what products you'd like to see, and what you think of our products on our Facebook page. Feel free to start up a dialogue or ask questions as well! We have certainly seen a lot of suggestions for Mega Man X characters and the inclusion of Bass. This is an exciting project for us, and I'm glad to see a thread of comments on our products. Thank you to the Rockman Corner for posting our sweepstakes, and good luck everyone!

  7. If we read the picture closely, Mega Man is something dewey smelling mixed with something "masculine"? o-o

    Protoman is Apple-Cinnamon.

  8. In the picture posted above, Protoman is Apple-Cinnamon.

    I'm still not sure about Mega Man, but he's dew-smelling mixed with something masculine...


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