Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fan Recreates Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom Designs in 3D

When Capcom doesn’t deliver, Mega Man Legends enthusiasts are more than willing to pick up the slack. That seems to be exactly what's going on here with this admirable tribute from YouTube user Rings1234. You see, Rings1234 was so disappointed that Devroom contributors would never get to see their winning Legends 3 designs in the actual game, he took it upon himself to recreate them in 3D. How nice!

If your design was featured, I think it would be awesome to send some thanks in the video's comments.


  1. Awesome work. Lol, he says that he wishes he was better to do them justice. I mean, just look at Calamity...looks amazing! Nice guy, and humble too. =P

  2. Heh wow, was just checking past posts and found this. Didn't even know it made it here

    Im glad people like it ^-^


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