Friday, August 31, 2012

U.S D-Arts Mega Man Confirmed for Early 2013, Rush and Met Included

Just spoke with our friend Adam Newman at Bandai, and he brings good news: D-Arts Mega Man is definitely headed stateside. U.S market release is planned for January 2013, and pre-orders should start opening up around September 5th. That's next week!

Even better news: you know that Rush and Metall figure? Yeah, they're included in the package.

"The two accessory figures you mentioned are planned to be included in the set based on feedback received from fans at events and surveys conducted on Tamashii Nations USA Bluefin Facebook page," confirms Adam. Hey, and here I was worrying they were for "display only." Phew!

Lastly, Adam will be sending over better pictures of the figure soon. I'll toss them up as soon as I get them. In the meantime, keep those questions coming! If you've got something you want to know about the figure, drop a comment.


  1. I mainly would like to know the following:

    1. Will there be parts included so that Rush can take his jet form.
    2. Will Megaman include an un helmteted head?
    3. Can we expect to see effect parts on par with previous Megaman releases included with this figure?

  2. Man, whoever complained about your output on news stuff doesn't know what he's talking about. This is some grade-A content right here.

  3. Is this the beginning of an entire classic series line?

  4. In addition to wondering about the possibility of effect parts, such as a charge shot or the like, what about Robot Master ability effect parts?

    Something like woodman's leaf shield (although I don't know how they'd do it), or Cutman's rolling cutter could be pretty cool.

  5. UGH!!! I just spotted those threads on his elbows and hips! WHAT THE HELL?! Did he always had those?

  6. Mega Man: Unhelmeted and with the Met's helmet.

    Rush: Coil, Jet, Marine and similar like Space (Jet+Marine), Rush Bomber and New Coil. And some of the objects he can dig.

    Met: 3 shots and his helmet goes out to look like it is under the helmet. And to add on MM.

    Next release:
    A red and white Mega Man with Power/Jet/Super forms, Items 1/2/3 from MM2 (3x Item-1), Carry, Wire and 2 Balloons (Or parts to combine Balloon with Item-1).

  7. I'd sell my soul to Bandai for D-Arts Cutman, Gutsman, Elecman, Bombman, Iceman and Fireman.

    At least make those six.

  8. I agree, Prof. MegaMan. :D I won't get my hopes up, but it would be great if they made the first six bosses as well.

  9. Well, that definitely answers my question. Rush and Metall included? Excellent! I'm afraid this deal has trumped Kotobukiya's. Seriously considering pre-ordering...

  10. Man, everyone seems to have high hopes that they'll come with this and that, this and that. lol! But its not going to come with rush alternative parts, maybe for jet mode, but not recoil or the other stuff of Rush, and for Megaman to come with a effect parts, maybe. It should be a given. But not the alternative head with no helmet on and hair.

    i know protoman is a given, its just a straight out given, I pretty sure we'll be getting him, but if were to get Bass, I swear he better come with Treble! Like if Megaman comes with Rush, well Bass should come with Treble. DON'T SCREW THAT UP BANDAI!!!!!!!

  11. I think they could craft the shit out of Bass. He's sure to look totally wicked. I actually hope he comes before a Proto Man. Bass isn't a high quality model we've seen yet.

  12. @MegaMac

    Ummm... no, sorry, Bass isn't going to come out before Protoman, its a given. Protoman is like a must or a staple for Megaman.
    But I really don't care when Bass comes out as long as he actually does come out! Even better with Treble!


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