Monday, August 27, 2012

Rockman EXE 4.5 Translation Project Needs Your Help

If your not too busy lending a hand with the Rockman EXE WS translation project, you might be interested to know the Rockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation translation team is also in need of some assistance. Prof. 9 of the The Rockman EXE Zone brings the news:

"I haven’t done a proper progress update in a while, so here goes. Basically, there hasn’t been a whole lot of progress since I announced the project back in April (almost 5 months ago!). Maybe 1%-2% at most. The reason for that is that we don’t have any dedicated translators. Sure, we have one person can translate, but his life is busy and he doesn’t really have a lot of time to translate. Besides that, there is a crapton of text to translate. So, we need Japanese translators who are willing to help!"

Now, in comparison to EXE WS, EXE 4.5 has a LOT of text that needs to be tackled. 750+ text archives, according to the prof. So yeah, the more translators on board, the faster we can get this thing out the door and in your hands.

If you are interested in helping out, see this page here.

Source: The Rockman EXE Zone


  1. Not trying to knock on this specific translation but....

    Seriously? Maybe it's just me when I used to play it a lot back in the day, but...

    This game, in all honesty, is kinda shit without the Battle Chip Gate and all the extra gadgets and whazzoos. Sure, someone can just program the translation patch to enable or add in all the extras, but it just kinda feels cheapened out that way.

    It felt much better to be able to Slot In your own NaviData Chips, and use that amazing or rare Navi that you always wanted to play with (FireMan and Forte, yuh-yeah!), or to actually use your real BattleChips in the heat of the match with that perfect timing.
    Or setting your alarm clock so you could wake up for those special events and tournaments, own them like a boss, and then go to school after. XD

    Ahhhh.... good times...

    Closest thing we ever got to something like this again was the WaveScanner for RnR1.

  2. @Amir: Well, if you play this on a flash cart, my guess is you'll be able to use the gate.

  3. @Anon: That's implying that these people using the Flash Carts even have the money to get a Chip Gate, especially after the ironic "Everything Megaman-related Must Jump Up In Price by 36% Because of Legends 3 Cancel" phenomena. Or even know where to find one to begin with.

    Not trying to come off as a self-entitled brat, or a wannabe rich kid or some shit. But seriously, it's rare to see a Megaman fan that actually has money to spend. More than half of fans didn't even get into the franchise till Battle Network and GBA-Visualboy Advance became a big name, realizing "Oh shit, there's games on the NES/SNES for this Megaman guy".

    So they'd download the entire library (which probably took a good 5 hours since ROMs were a bit harder to get back then, at a good speed of download, too) of the NES and SNES Megaman franchise, JP games included. Played, but not beat, any of them, but claim they're masters of them.

    Then Anniversary and X Collection comes out and they're now self-proclaimed wizards of the franchise. Even though they only beat them by using the Final Stage passwords or getting their old gamer uncle/dad/neighbor to finish it for them.

    Fast-forward to MM9's release, and prior to Legends 3 cancel, and now they're COMPLETELY disregarding and denying EVERY bit of their gateway-caused fandom towards Battle Network or anything close to it.

    Kinda funny how it's only now, a year after Legends 3 being canned, that these kind of people will outloud, say they loved EXE and such. When these were the same who prior to that, were calling it "Pokemon - Internet Edition" and such.

    TL;DR: I doubt these people have the money for Chip Gate and proper good chips, seeing how they never really bought their Megaman games from the beginning.

  4. I ask not what I can do for Rockman Exe, but what Rockman Exe can do for me.

  5. Well I was too busy on WS but now I'm not.

  6. We still need a project for the WS Rockman & Forte game, too!

  7. @Amir
    I have no idea what you're trying to tell us with your second comment.

  8. A good solution could be to open a google doc spread sheet with all the text entries. The doc will be open to everyone and anyone can translate it. That's how they do on when they lack programmers

  9. A good solution could be to open a google doc spread sheet with all the text entries. The doc will be open to everyone and anyone can translate it. That's how they do on when they lack programmers

  10. @shiftyweb: I'm kind of reluctant to do that for three reasons. 1, because I've never done it before, 2, 4.5 has a LOT of text, so if any problems arise they're probably going to be big ones and 3, because 4.5's text isn't neatly organized like the text for most DS games is. Having only a select few translators is also much more easy to manage.


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