Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mega Man Legends and .Hack Collide in Project X Zone

Hey, here's a tiny Project X Zone update for you. While it's not much, I thought the Tron Bonne fans out there might enjoy the latest screens and info.

If you recall, Project X Zone pits numerous characters from Namco Bandai, Capcom, and Sega games into battle. But how do they run into each other? According to Siliconera, Tron Bonne and Xiamou (of Namco X Capcom) are lost in cyberspace. In their travels, the pair end up in the fictional MMORPG The World. There, they meet .Hack leads Kite and BlackRose.

Are they going to fight each other? Sure looks like it. I mean, it wouldn't be much of a game without that part, right?

Project X Zone is due for release in Japan on October 11th. Still no word yet for any release in the west, but we can hope.
Source: Siliconera (thanks, Rock Volnutt!)


  1. I'm so glad they stuck to the Anime/PS2 game style for Kite. The PS3 Kite just looks creepy.

  2. I wonder if they're gonna put Kazuma Kiryu in this game...

    If he were to be in it, I'd actually import a JP 3DS just for this game.

    Cause that'd just be yet another great character in my book. (MMX, Akira Yuki, Ryu, Xiaoyu, Ulala and more)

  3. At first, I wasn't even interested in this game. Now I really am. Hope it gets localized.

  4. 'Tron Bonne and Xiamou (of Namco X Capcom) are lost in cyberspace.'

    I feel that the whole cyberspace thing is a missed opportunity... to throw in EXE.

  5. Same as other anonymous, the fact that .hack characters were used, I feel that battle network characters should have been used also.

  6. Without being a spoiled sport, as much as i want this game here NOW to play, it will suffer the same fate as the SRW games, licences issues that keep it from appearing here. Although it would be amazing if somehow all were in agreement to bring it here.

  7. I wouldn't take that to the derivatives market and shortsell it Anon 3. X Edge got NA and PAL releases.


    Not sure if anybody is going to respond at this point...

    but i never stop seeing Zero in front of X in official shots, artworks, etc.

    X is a background character in most artworks depicting multiple characters like this.

    As popular as Zero is, X is the MC.

    Goes to show how biased everyone is regarding Zero.


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