Sunday, August 26, 2012

VGMM Takes a Look at GE Animation Mega Man Goods

Nightram of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum is back, this time with a look at a whole bunch of Mega Man products from GE Animation. From keychains to plush Busters, no stone is left unturned.

Out of sheer curiosity, what do you make of all this stuff coming from GE? I, for one, really like the plush stuff they're putting out (Busters and helmets). I think we could use more of that than say, oh I don't know, more phone charms and pins. We've got more than enough, really.

Thanks for the tip, Tim!


  1. GE needs to bring out a Bass helmet.

  2. I love my Protoman phone charm. I have no idea why I'd want it for a phone, but it sure goes nice on my key-ring. I ordered the Protoman wallet to match, but it's back-ordered, so I'm still waiting.

  3. I'm more into models, myself... but I did buy a pewter Repliforce keychain.

  4. Why can't my school be this cool?


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