Monday, August 13, 2012

Mega Man Legends 3 "Concept Album" Project Officially Launched

At long last, Get Me Off the Moon's proposed Mega Man Legends 3 fan-album is finally on the burner. Tonight, we've received word that the project is officially a go.

Skybane explains:

"About a month ago, we announced plans for a Mega Man Legends 3 Concept Album project to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Mega Man Legends 3 revival movement, Get Me Off The Moon.  Well, I'm very pleased to announce to you all that this project is now officially underway over at the Devroom!

Basically, you guys will be tasked with the job of composing music that you think might have gone into Mega Man Legends 3, had it seen the light of day.  Don't get the wrong impression, though, we're not looking for any specific style of music, it can be anything!  For this project, we want to draw out everyone's creative spirit!"
So, what does a Legends 3 inspired piece sound like? Well, a little something like this. That comes courtesy of The Mega Man Network's Jesse "Mainfinger" Gregory. It's called "Klicke Lafonica." Fitting, isn't it?

If this is something of interest to you, give it a shot! It's just for fun and it's a great way collaborate with other Mega Man fans. You can see the discussion thread here, and submit your contribution here.

I, for one, can't wait to hear the final product. Good luck to you, and keep on supporting!

Source: 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3


  1. I think it's time to just let it go.

    I wanted the game as much as anyone else(hell I'm one of the first 1000 Servbots), but Capcom has made it very clear with their actions that they do not care about this series as a whole anymore beyond making stupid trinkets and t-shirts, and that we are never going to get MML3(or any other game from the series that I can see) because the series does not make Call of Duty levels of money.

    It's been a year already and we've heard absolutely nothing, and the 100,000 page has accomplished pretty much nothing in terms of getting Capcom to change it's mind.

    I hate to say this as much as everyone hates to hear me say it, but it's time to let the series just sleep. Maybe one day in the future, someone at Capcom will change their mind. But right now, it's over. And it's well passed time everyone call it a day and go home.

  2. Then watch Capcom of Japan issue a C&D. :V

  3. To the people complaining about this, or rather to the folks about to, be quiet.

    No, seriously. Yes I know that the movement has really been dragged on for quite a bit and that I too am also getting a little tired of it, but this is just a FAN-MADE ALBUM MADE FOR THE FUN OF IT. It's by no means going to turn any heads at Capcom, but it's going to give us folks more stuff to listen to. Isn't that the goddamn point?

    It's like saying that fan artists are not allowed to draw fan art of Aero or Barrett merely because they want to, not because they think it's going to make any difference.

    So please, just let the guys compose.

  4. While the fan movement hasn't bought the game back I think we shouldn't downplay the fact that they did get official recognition form capcom. I have seen many internet revival moments and most of them fall under the umbrella of Slacktivism and never even get recognized by the company. I have seen real heart and effort put for from get me off the moon and it's supporters. Even if we cant bring the game back I would like to think that we left a mark of some sort on the people working at capcom.

    Games take years to make. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that MML3 was going to available for megaman's 25th. With it gone we cant expect capcom to rush some have baked game out the door. Lets give capcom some time okay .

    Finally I dont think that million seller megaman series (MM,MMX,MMBN,) have anything to worry about in term of new games. I could see capcom make new title in these series because there are safer bets then the other ones.

  5. Fan albums are fine. Taking donations for building a model rocket; that was questionable.

  6. All these efforts are not squarely about somehow convincing Capcom to make a game, it's about entertaining people, building a community and being immersed in a *positive* creative experience. I'll gladly take that over the moping, humourless nihilism of the past year.

  7. Dr. Jerk is right. The Legends 3 movement has been dragged on for quite a bit according to Dr. Jerk, but seriously, this is getting a bit annoying...

    Every time I come to this blog and looked at the comments, all I see is bitch, bitch bitch and complain complain about Legends 3's fate.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but let those who make this concept album make it and all of you except for some mature MegaMan fans get over MegaMan Legends 3's cancelzation and enjoy whatever sweet crap Capcom may throw at you.

    August 13 8:25 PM is right about one thing, let the series go asleep for awhile. As for me, I'm gonna enjoy MegaMan games at some point while waiting for this 25th Annivasary calmly. Oh, today's the day The Last Story for the Wii comes out! :D

  8. @"Rockman": Taking donations for the rocket was fine. Something to understand about fundraisers is that nobody is being forced to contribute, it's entirely optional. Giving money doesn't have to be reserved for saving the rainforest or feeding children in third word countries. Not everything needs to have a noble cause to affect change, sometimes it's just fun to enable something goofy and well-meaning.

  9. @anon mentioning the million sellers: Except we all know eventually they'll have to go into X, Zero and SF eventually. They can only dance around that transition for so long. In addition, BN had the perfect ending, and SF2 established even more about what happened after the game ended. And also OSS pretty much killed it. Theres not much room left for those games to go.

    However, if anyone saw the news about a week or two ago, Chris Sven or whatever his name is, said they had Wii U announcements.... But he couldnt say anything about them yet. If that doesnt scream something possibly anniversary related among them then I dont know what else it could be.

  10. @August 14, 2012 11:21 AM Anon

    A port of Street Fighter X Tekken for the Wii U, obviously.

  11. @August 14, 2012 12:40 PM Anon: Then they would have announced it at E3 while it was still hot, not wait til now, especially when DOA 5 is having a Wii U port considered and Tekken already heading to Wii U. And with Injustice: Gods Among Us coming as well, Capcom may have lost the f*cking fighting game market on the Wii U.

    Also, they revealed they aren't saying shit until Nintendo reveals price and release date.

  12. I thought Chris Sven left Capcom actually?

  13. Seth left. Sven is still here.


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