Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sneak Peek At Kotobukiya Zero

Bandai had their turn, now it's time for Kotobukiya to shine! The manufacturer rolled out the world's first look at their forthcoming Zero model kit at an in-store event this weekend in Japan. The model is in its early stages of development, as evident by its grey prototype mold, but things are certainly coming along nicely.

Also on display, a series on accessories including alternate hands and faces, Buster gun, and Z-Saber sheaths. More photos of the model are presently being featured at Moeyo, but take caution -- Not Safe For Work content is plentiful.

Kotobukiya's 1/10 scale Zero is currently slated for an autumn release.

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Wow! That is pretty damn badass! I've got this Zero and that Bandai Zero action figure to look forward to this fall. :)

  2. I'm waiting for that one RM fan who knows how to do stop-motion animation and has a lot of patience, to create one with MM, Roll, Protoman, X, X Zero, Z Zero, and the rest to come!!!

  3. Yeah me too. Should have known that they wouldnt fix that head/helmet of his.

  4. Meh... if I wanted a Zero-series figure, I'd get one of Leviathan or Fefnir.

  5. Hope he comes with the Shield Boomerang and the three rods.

  6. Gah, everything that I want is coming out in Sept!

  7. ffffff.

    Haters gonna hate. This looks freaking awesome, and I want to use it as a reference for my own sculptures.

  8. @Amir

    I know EXACTLY why you'd want that, Amir, you dirty dirty person.

    I'd totally do that too.


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