Friday, May 20, 2011

MML3 Prototype Version Delayed

Mega Man Legends 3 was supposed to launch right alongside the Nintendo eShop on June 6, right? Unfortunately that's no longer the case -- it's been delayed, reports Famitsu.

According to Famitsu, Capcom chose to delay the game as a means to improve the quality of the product. A new release date has not been determined. Meanwhile, as of this writing, Capcom Japan nor Capcom US have yet to announce the delay on their respective Legends 3/DASH 3 communities. That news should be forthcoming, however.

Disappointing, to say the least, but hopefully this will lead to a far better game. We'll keep an ear out for the new release date, but I think it's safe to say Prototype will release after E3.

Source: Siliconera


  1. Meh. Figures. At least it's for the purpose of quality improvement.

  2. Well,I'm not surprised,but if it's all in the name of quality,then I'm okay with this.

    Thank you for the info Protodude.

    Oh and is there any chance anyone have a bigger size/quality of that Barret pic,please?

  3. As I've already said on TMMN, I find this freaking hilarious. It's bad for me too, being a Legends fan, but I can't help it. It's like Legends is forever doomed to bad luck.

    Hey Protodude, where did that image of Barrett come from? Concept art? It looks like it came from a graphic novel.

  4. Dr. Jerk:

    Concept art, indeed! It's within the html assets of the DASH 3 site.

  5. @Anon:

    That's as big as I got it. I'll see if there's a larger file at the Capcom press room.

  6. Boy, Legends news isn't very good, is it?

  7. The Mega Man Network needs to extend their contest.

    Mega Man Legends 3 doesn't have a lot of media attention because you don't see fan projects popping up.

    TMMN's contest, as a way to try and raise awareness and interest, is a fantastic idea.

    But if the contest ends at the end of the month, as planned, a lot of fan effort will drop off the map.

    The gap of time between that push and Mega Man Legends 3's Prototype Version's release is too long to have any impact on the game's sales. Awareness and hype will fade away, rather than have a chance to build it up.

    And for a contest intent on raising awareness, stopping quite so soon doesn't help awareness at all.

  8. As soon as Duke Nukem Forever comes out, this'll be the new game that takes a decade to come out.

    Well maybe Half-Life 2 Episode 3 has already taken that spot, but one can dream!

  9. Capcom, You ain't Valve, that excuse isn't valid.

  10. ...Hmm? This as a bad thing to some? I know people want to get to play this as quickly as possible, but it's being improved! It will be even better!

    I'm just a little surprised that they're willing to go the extra mile for a prototype version of the game. I wonder what's going to be changed...

  11. To be expected.

  12. I actually think this is good news. Especially since it might mean more people will get it when it's released. While we may not know when it'll be released, any delay is just more ample time for people to save up to buy a 3DS.

  13. Cancelling Mega Man Universe, Not putting a Mega Man in MvC3, Ending the X, ZX, and Star Force series without a proper resoulution, not releasing the classic Legends games, and now saying the future of DASH 3 hinges on the sales of a demo to the third game in a series that most haven't played becuase the originals aren't available... I think Capcom wants to phase out Mega Man. It's obvious Capcom doesn't want to make legends 3, and is doing all it can to make the game fail, so there's no point in caring about it anymore. It's probably not even going to happen.
    I knew it was to good to be true.

    DmC, Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D with no Leon (but Krauser instead), SF2.. er SF4 catering to SF2 fans... I'm done with Capcom... they keep doing their best to try and piss off fans.

  14. "Not putting a Mega Man in MvC3"
    He's not a good fighter, get over it.

    "Ending the X [series]"
    1) It was supposed to end when the Zero series started
    2) It's awesome that you have a source that no-one else has and can get info like that

    "[Ending the] ZX [Series]"
    Man, I'm out of the loop, I never heard that one.

    "most haven't played becuase the originals aren't available..."
    I'd say most haven't played them due to poverty or disinterest. Of the people who want to play Legends who have the money to buy the game at MSRP, I would not describe the ones not able to as "most".

  15. They won't phase out Megaman for a long time, if ever.

    As sucky as it is for fans, Capcom has to make choices that will bring money in so they can continue to operate. If they didn't have to worry about profit margins, you can bet their creative teams would be hammering out all kinds of goodies.

    I also don't think they're trying to make Legends 3 fail. They just want to know if it's worth investing in. A little lacking in confidence for a company that should be used to taking risks, but better than nothing.

    I wonder how much Inafking being gone will change the Megaman landscape.

  16. @Anonymous

    It isn't Capcom's fault as a whole, it's the directors of all these series and projects. They make the most stupid decisions sometimes and cater to what THEY want and what THEY think will be good. MvC3 is a perfect example. I'm sorry, but in the end, companies make games for the FANS. Doesn't mean they can't have their own creative choices which form the game, just with big choices like characters, stories or plot devices...think before they act!

  17. No MegaMac in the end companies make games for PROFIT.

    When a communist has to lecture to you about basic economics you should sit down and reevaluate things.

  18. "No MegaMac in the end companies make games for PROFIT."
    They don't make them for fans, they make them for profit? Where do you think profit comes from?

    "When a communist has to lecture to you about basic economics you should sit down and reevaluate things."
    Are you saying communists are generally bad a economics?

    PS: When a polar bear has to explain basic physics to you, you should really reevaluate some things.

  19. they were ignoing just one megaman and that was X and focused on Zero through the years but these last few years capcom now just mainly focused on Zero. We might as well told at the time that we wanted an all new different megaman instead of a blue bomber over and over again.

  20. Oh and when Keiji Inafune left capcom THEN decided to mess up the megaman francise.

  21. The profit may come from fans, but assuming our individual views are sufficient is a little big in the head, don't you think?

    Legends didn't do so well, so they're right to be a little careful. We've got people clamoring for it, but when a good game's sales number in the hundreds of thousands, a few loud voices on the internet is hardly predictive of success. :D

  22. "The profit may come from fans, but assuming our individual views are sufficient is a little big in the head, don't you think?"

    Sufficient for what? Powering a time traveling DeLorean?

  23. Guess the context of the rest of the comment wasn't enough. Enough to guarantee enough people will buy it that it can be called a success.

  24. Nothing can Guarantee success. Even less so, "views". The most they can do is take calculated risks.

    Fans are the people who enjoy and buy the series. Heck, they would buy a game even if it wasn't enjoyable for a few entries. Would you say that they don't matter, but rather this magical group of people that aren't fans, but make them a profit?

    I'm not hip to this newfangled economics thing, but I'd say customer loyalty and returning customers make up more profit than your magical group any day.


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