Friday, May 13, 2011

Here Are Your Most Wanted Figures

It's been a little over a month since we voted on our "most desired Rockman figures", and finally the results are in. The characters likely to be turned into figures are...

  • Zero (X series) -- Zero topped the poll at 1,927 votes. Bandai is already hard at work at producing a Zero D-Arts figure, so things have certainly worked out in his favor.
  • Vile -- 1,093 votes. It's been a few years since Vile was last immortalized in plastic, so his ranking should certainly come as good news for those eagerly anticipating another Vile figure. A D-Arts Vile, perhaps?

There's your top three! Good chance we'll see these guys immortalized in plastic in the near future.

Hop on over to The Mega Man Network and see where your favorite characters placed!


  1. But haven't Zero and X already been made several times?

  2. I can't understand why Luna's so high, but then again, I can't understand these kinds of tsundere characters :P

  3. Yeah Bass in 4th! that means there is a possibility they make my desired hq Forte figure? or just the top 3 characters?

  4. Sigma got only 91 votes? That really sucks - without him, the X collection will lack its main villain.

  5. All X characters? Meh. I like the X series, but at least one character from another series would've been nice.

  6. Dang, Shooting Star Mega Man is #15.

    BTW...Super Mega Man? Is that Mega Man with the Rush Adapter?

  7. Yay! Iris made top ten! But I'm sad that Alia only had 16 votes (one those 16 is me)

    It's quite an impressive list.

    I'd totally a Vava figure. And it would seem that not many want a Sigma figure.

  8. Well, Iris got into the top 10. I'm happy for that.

  9. Why would people not want Sigma? This has alway been my problem with Mega Man figures. They make a few classic and X figures then go crazy with all the other versions of Mega Man.

  10. Poo, three characters from the X series? As great as that series was, I was hoping for more variety.

  11. Wow... those results have totally purged me of any respect for the online MegaMan fan base.

    I mean really... Iris? Leviathan? Luna Platz? And BOTH Bass' ranked that high? Sweet christ! I would think if one were going to vote for a Megaman figure, it would at least be one with a good character design.

    If you ask me, all the character designs from Battle Network, starforce, MM Zero/ZX and the latter half of the X series look like baby puke compared to the original "Inafking-era" designs.

  12. @Professor Megaman


  13. Why would somebudy need a Alia figure? All she does is navagate.

    X and Zero fight and are th heros, so both best choices. And Zero on top of X...


  14. I think a few things were left out that's obviously confusing people.
    1: The choices were fixed among 24 characters, it's a given that some of these would rank higher almost by default.
    2: These were voting strictly towards Bandai's D-Arts line, not any other, as Ucchy-san (The one who ran the poll) went to Bandai with said results.
    This post also fails to mention the "Other" results, as there was a "fill in your own" for characters not listed in the main 24. And while none ranked exceptionally high, some "interesting" mentions came up in the list.

    You can read the whole survey and results here.


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