Monday, May 16, 2011

Unconfirmed: Retro Rotos Wave 2 Finally Being Released

While not official news, per se, a close and reliable source of mine sends word that Jazwares is gearing up to finally release the long awaited second line of Retro Roto Mega Man figures. Wave 2 will consist of Heat Man, Wood Man, Dr. Wily, and Ice Man. Check out a small sampling of the figures' newest glamor shots below!

Wave 2 was originally scheduled for release some five years ago, but due to a few snags in the road, the figures never surfaced publicly. We don't have an exact release date, but according to my source, Wave 2 -- and a heaping pile of other Jazwares products -- are due out any time between Fall 2011 and the Summer of 2012. That's a pretty big release window, but I'm told things will become a little more precise in the near future.

The first wave of Retro Rotos were recently re-released later last year, and continue to be sold at a variety of retailers such as Toys R Us and Target. While they continue to be sold, my source indicates Wave 2 will eventual phase out all wave 1figures... except for Mega Man, the supposed hot seller of the lot.

More news as it comes!


  1. Yesssssssss

    Dreams do come true!


    FINALLY! Hopefully this'll mean more robot masters!

  3. These are the ones Jazwares got spot on!

  4. That Ice Man really shows the lack in painting quality these figures have...

    But I'm really only interested in the Wily figure. Funny, the older pictures seemed to depict better quality...

  5. Good news, although kinda sad that it sounds like Snake Man got cut.

    In all honesty, though, I kinda hope with that big window of time since the intial prototypes came out that they actually took some time to *ahem* tweak the final designs a bit. I'm still especially looking at you, creepy unibrow, hands-bigger-than-your-head Docktah Wiwy. (also in before Jazwares hatred/ Bandai/Koto rules commentary ;p)

    Now can we also finally get that Air Man vs. Mega Man figure from them?

  6. Excellent. Maybe this has something to do with the recent fan input they wanted. I know I sure expressed my love for the Rotos and desire of Wave as well as a lot of their other prototype products never released. I hope to see...wishful thinking...all the robot masters and classic characters in Roto form one day. =D

  7. Oh...didn't notice Snake Man got cut...that's a damn shame. All the more reason for a Wave 3! Possibly including that awesome Knight Man figure that looked like a roto too.

  8. What? No Snake Man? That sucks.

    Nice to see we may get the others, though. Hope they just forgot him, but seeing as how Guts Man got cut from the last release, I'm not holding my breath.

  9. Dr. Wily's face looks awful, the others are pretty good :P

  10. Well... so much for the Mavericks in Super Posers quality...-__-
    This is the kind of figures i hate.
    Pretty much a Statue, and a crappy one.

  11. Professor MegamanMay 17, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    Since the Japanese (and voting fans) couldn't care less about robot masters, I'm glad to see that Jazwares my still be pushing these things.

    As a nostalgic MegaMan fan, I get more joy from these than the Kotobukiya figures. I'll trade 30 points of articulation for quality character choices any day.

    Now, if only wave 3 would include FireMan BombMan and CutMan...

  12. No Roll?
    These do look good, though I'm really only interested in that Wily. Great expression.

  13. Sorry for the off-topic but


  14. Last Anon:

    I'll do some digging. The torso, head and legs are in-portion to what we've seen thus far; might be legit.

    I'll look around.

  15. Nope, nothing.

    Based on the joints, I'd say this is a custom figure.

  16. Oh i forgot to mention but i find it higly unlikely that someone would make a custom of a figure that we know its going to be released. Also look at the articulated hair, it looks the same as 1st Ver Zero to me. Also the closed fist, the sculpt...
    It looks as if they tweaked the 1st Ver. But who knows right?

  17. Nevermind, i guess it really is a custom. After doing some comparision the sculpt is quite different:

    Dont bother aproving the comments.

  18. lol! Theyre just asking the public/fans for help considering how theyre seeing (being slaughtered by) Bandai and Kotobukiya are doing very good, and unlike Jazwares with rights and all aparently, not doing good at all, horrible actually. But theyre finally going to release these and others?! Wow! Talk about desperate. lol! But sorry Jazwares, no chance, if Kotobukiya does some bad guys/robot masters, your done. Or actually you've been done a long time ago. lol!

  19. @Last Anon

    I'll give you a 2/10, only because I'm responding.

  20. Can you please release wave 2 in summer of 2020


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