Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rockman DASH 3 Prologue In June (UPDATED)

Contrary to original reports, Nintendo will not be launching the Nintendo 3DS eShop this month. The company tonight announced the long awaited firmware update will hit Japan on June 7th, with Rockman DASH 3 Prologue (aka Prototype Version) being among the service's initial launch titles.

DASH 3 Prologue will run 3DS owners a mere 200 Yen, or the equivalent of two US dollars. The demo will boast over ten playable missions, and allow access to a number of neat behind-the-scenes features such as a debug menu. It is Capcom's hope that, by experiencing the game first-hand, players will be able to provide even more feedback on the project's development.

Unfortunately, Nintendo did not comment if the delay affects North America or Europe. It's plausible the service will go live internationally around June 7 too, but we've yet to hear otherwise. Further, recent sightings of pre-paid eShop gift cards at Best Buy have swayed some into believing the service might be available days or weeks ahead of Japan. All speculations, of course; nothing is official until the big N says so. UPDATE: Nintendo of America has confirmed the eShop will launch in North America on the evening of June 6th.

I'll certainly be keeping an ear out. Stay tuned!

Source: Andriasang


  1. In other news

    A new video from megacocorock

  2. Hey Protodude, Nintendo's site says the launch will happen in North America on the evening of the 6th.

  3. I was reading this over on GoNintendo and scratching my head at all the BAWWWWWing about Nintendo being a major fail for pushing the release date back.

    June 6th isn't that far from "sometime at the end of May". :P

    They probably just want to match their e3 conference.

  4. Makes sense, since that’s the evening right before their E3 press conference and the beginning of E3 proper. I kinda thought this might happen.

    Either way, I’m just happy it’s launching on the 6th, so I can have time to dabble around the eShop and play Legends 3 Prototype Version before I start working three days straight for E3!


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