Friday, May 13, 2011

Jazwares Seeking Input For Potential Mega Man Figures

Can fans of the Blue Bomber expect more Mega Man merchandise to come from toy licensee Jazwares? Certainly! As we eagerly await the manufacturer's new line of figures, Jazwares appears to be looking to the fans for ideas for future Mega Man products.

A post over at Jazware's official Facebook page is encouraging fans to send in "wish lists and ideas" for Mega Man products. While there's no guarantee your ideas will come to fruition, the company assures participants they are listening.

You can drop Jazwares a line directly at the Facebook post, or fill out their customer service form. Some of the more popular choices voiced by fans include Roll, Bass, ZX-inspired figures, and Legends 3 characters. Seriously, you're free to suggest whoever you want! No strings attached!

Click the above links and speak your mind. A little fan support can go a long way.

Source: Jazwares


  1. Sorry, but with Kotobukiya and Bandai making Rockman figures, does anyone really wants or needs Jazwares? :P

  2. Jazwares? LOL!!!! Man they suck. They don't deserve to have a license to make Megaman figures, they suck, period. As you can see with these latest D-arts and Kotobukiya ones, they are the professional ones, not Jazwares. Jazwares, just quit.

  3. Jazwares' model kits may not have been so hot, but their retro roto figures are some of the nicest MegaMan figures available in the US. I'd love to see their Heatman and Woodman figures see release.

    Besides, Kotobukiya and Bandai are only making a few kits for relatively high prices. Japanese Rockman kits have always been high on quality but low on selection; almost all of the X series models were just variations of X, Zero, and Vile, and NONE of the classic Robot Masters have ever seen models, with the exception of Swordman and Tenguman.

  4. I think Jazwares is clearly gotten whupped in the figures department.

    So how about something OTHER than figures?

    Cyber elf plushies, I'm telling you! C'mon Jazwares, do it do it!

  5. I liked their Classic and X line of figures. those were pretty well made.

    It was the Zero series Zero and Omega one that ended up horribly.

  6. Wow, seems like everyone is super loaded and can't even seem to bother with "those types" of toys. The Bandai and Kotobukiya figures are basically for collecting, while the Jazwares (though the very first line was really fugly) are for playing. Granted they can all be collected, but the Jazware toys have never been super-expensive... Which appears to not be a problem for some anonymous folks.

  7. @ Flame

    SHUT THE F$@# UP!!! GO BURN A FLAME UP YOUR ASS!!! The Zero series was really good, very good story.

    @ Megamem

    The Jazwares are just pure junk, crappy material, terrible sculpts, terrible paint jobs, over just piece of S*&%! How can you play with a Jazwares Megaman win it won't even stand up straight or looks high.
    If you can't afford better quality Megaman figures, then stick with Jazwares cheap junks.

  8. Anon May 13, 2011 7:47 PM: I'm pretty sure he was talking about the Jazwares figures of Zero, not the series itself.

    Megamem: You see, the thing is, where I live, 30 dolars for a figure isn't really expensive at all, most stuff that gets imported here cost around that and more.
    Also, I disagree with the notion that you can't play with the Kotobukiya or Bandai figures, unless you suck at taking care of your stuff

  9. No love for the Retro Roto series?!

    Those were my personal favorites and was very disappointed I never got to own some of the figures I saw that were never released like Iceman, Woodman, and Heatman.

    Never bothered with anything else Jazwares, though, I must say, their Metal Sonic 10 inch figure looks pretty awesome.

  10. I mistook that MM figure as something from MM Universe.

    *On topic* I used to want the Jazwares figures, because they were (then) the only thing 'local', except in Canada. But now I kinda have to agree with the others. Jazwares' is not that great.

  11. If they can do some DASH, EXE, ZX and SSR stuff, I'd support it.

    I dunno about anyone else, but I kinda liked their figures for the sake of their price, and being the only easily-available Megaman figures at the time.
    Either that, or the old Marvel VS Capcom "Megaman VS War Machine" figure from before then.

    In retrospect, they may not be as good as the stuff out there now, but you have to remember that back in the day, there was nothing else available without importing. And me, when I was in my early teens or something, I wasn't about to spend $30-something on the EXE figures that were out in Japan at the time.


    The Megaman community only wants perfection, which is disappointing.

    Personally, I'd love to see some Legends figures, and if we're lucky, we might get some Reaverbots too.

  13. What I wouldn't give to see Jazwares top off their Retro-Roto series with all the original six robot masters.

    I thought if anyone was ever going to do that again, it'd be them. Truth is, Japanese developers don't seem to give half a damn about the robot masters and that's such a shame when they make so many figures of characters that suck.

  14. @ Anon 4:

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    Try harder next time.

  15. Jazwares, eh? My only real problem with them is that they made everyone the same height, and that always bugged the crap outta me. I know they did it to cut costs and such, but Zero should be taller than X, and X should be taller than Mega Man. Having them all the same size just irks me.

    If Jazwares were to actually make a line that has a little more accuracy in heights and proportions, I might be a little more interested. And I know they can do it, since they've been doing it with their recent 3 inch Sonic line. Until then, though... I think I'll stick to Kotobukiya and Bandai. Really, the only Jazwares Mega Man figures that I think are any good are the Retro Roto figures... and I hope I don't sound like I'm being a parrot for saying something many others here have already said.

  16. It's not about wanting perfection when it comes to Jazwares, it's about wanting something that isn't a pile of turds. I want to be positive about Jazwares, but every time I bought something from them in the MM line I regretted it. Terrible sculpts, terrible proportions, overall extremely poor quality.

    I'm not saying it just to be negative, I just thought their line was really awful.

  17. Lol at the Jazwares defense force.
    Even if im a Megaman fan i wouldt pay any money on a cheap piece of plastic such as these figures.

    They would do better if they do plushies and stuff.xd

  18. @ Last Anon

    You haven't seen Jazwares' newer figures, have you? They've been stepping up their quality by quite a bit. It's not something you'd find in a figure meant for collectors, but it's better than Mattel's crap by miles.

  19. Well after looking at the sonic Super Posers, gotta say, im impressed. Sure its not on par with Bandai, Revoltech, Figma, etc. but its pretty damn good. Hell if they decide to do some of the Mavericks i would give it some serious tought, as long as they manage to get the proportions right.
    I was being very biased against Jazwares because their Megaman products were really awful, but if they can deliver this quality, especially with the demand for Robot Masters and Mavericks, then id go for it.

    Check out the Super Posers here.

  20. All you damn weeaboo wannabes need to go fly a kite. How could MORE Mega Man figures be a bad thing? Sure, the first Jazwares figures had major quality control problems, but I thought the more recent ones were nice. The Retro Roto figures were got were great, and I liked the later X series figures like Axl.

    Yes, the Bandai and Kotobukiya figures are awesome. But there's no reason why new Jazwares figures couldn't be good as well.

    And yeah, it would be nice to see characters besides just the the main ones get more love. I want to see more bosses and minor characters.

  21. @kobun37: Learn the definition of weeaboo first, mate. What people are basically saying, is: If you're going to release shit, then don't release anything at all. Trust me, we'd all love for Jazwares to prove us wrong.

  22. @ Previous Anon

    First, I know what a weeaboo is.

    Second, the only thing Jazwares has done is ask for input. They haven't shown any sculpts or made any announcements. Yet some people have already jumped to the conclusion that whatever they produce is going to suck. The last few lines they produced under the Mega Man license were nice.

    Were they as nice as the Bandai and Kotobukiya figures? No, but they didn't cost nearly as much, either. And if people want to complain about bad Mega Man sculpts, don't forget that Bandai was also responsible for the figures based on the 90s cartoon.

  23. @kobun37: Then use it the right way. No one said Kotobukiya and Bandai were better because they're japanese, it's because it's the truth.

    People are jumping to the conclusion that it's going to suck because, well, everything else they made suck. Sure, the retro rotos are kinda nice, but they don't have exciting poses, nor good articulation, so it's just that, ''okay''.

    About the cartoon figures, they were actually pretty show-accurate, especially for the time :P

  24. Hehe I liked Jazwares n all that other shit but some figures also pretty sure most of these people never got there hands on the awesome metallic quickman THAT was good quality I had almost most of the jazwares figures plus old bandai model kits if jazwares makes some better figures that are a little easier to find and have good quality then I'll buy it.......unless I find a d-arts figure in a store :/


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