Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MMX3 Package Design Materials Up For Grabs

Is your collection in need of a one-of-a-kind piece of Mega Man history? Look no further than this auction for authentic Mega Man X3 package design materials-- real blueprints used by Capcom when designing the game's North American packaging!

Mega Man X3 itself is rare enough as is, but this? This is quite a doozy. As evident by the provided photographs, the design board contains a mock-up of what would become the game's final box art. Sheets of translucent paper contain all sorts of handwritten design notes, measurements, and other miscellaneous details that aided in the box's design. All sorts of other supplemental assets are included as well, which may interest not only Mega Man fans, but Nintendo fans as well.

Unfortunately, owning such a cool piece of Mega Man history comes as a price: a staggering $999.95. On the bright side however, shipping is free! That's good to know, right?

If you're interesting in purchasing or just want to check out more images, click here!


  1. If memory serves, this was on ebay no more than a few months ago in auction with a copy of X3 to boot . . . at a far lower starting bid that eventually worked itself up to a fairly high price, well under this $999.95 tag.

    It's cool, but a grand cool? Uh, not sure. Maybe the original artwork for the original Mega Man. ;)

  2. Saw this the other day. A rare treasure thats for sure. And of X3 no less. The price makes be cower in fear though. I think it's and fairly fair price. =P

  3. X3 is rare? Heh, I have all three X1-3 on my SNES. I didn't think they were rare, but they're like my favorite games. Then again, how much would my SNES go for? It's older than I am. XD Yeah, I was born in '94 and my brother got it in about '91 or '92 and now we have a huge collection of games. Of course though, I would never sell it because I still play it regularly. It's my favorite console.

  4. @Tayo
    That is what separates real players from these "collectors".
    If you like the games so much, why didn't you buy them when they were in mass production.
    No amount of hundreds of dollars spent on a "rare" game will ever convince me someone had any real interest in the game.

  5. Heh, I used to have one of these except it was the manual for X3. Stupid me, I sold it on ebay, I think I got like $50 out of it or something like that. $995 is a stupid price, but such is ebay these days. Filled with a bunch of delusional hopeful sellers. I think Buy It Now was the worst thing to ever happen to eBay.

  6. @Rockman - what if they weren't alive when the games came out? Also, FYI, this isn't for a game. Also, FYI2, X3 wasn't "mass produced". There's a reason why some games are worth more than other games, because less of them were made. There are far less copies of X3 than say, Street Fighter 2.

  7. I guess all the copies of X3 were sent to my area then. Where I live, that game was never rare. It was available in every game store around here when released and long after that.

    If it were a one-of-a-kind Japanese X3 prototype cart, then maybe the price would be worth it. $1,000 for that blueprint is an insult. What's next? $2,000 for the pen that they used to write the blueprint with?


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