Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Message From The Mega Man Legends 3 Team

Despite the positive words left by Capcom's Joveth Gonzalez, fear for the development of Mega Man Legends 3 is still widespread.

In another effort to ease concerns, The Legends 3 team members themselves have come forward to address the issue via special message posted on the MML3 devroom:

"From all of us here on Mega Man Legends development team,
We realize that events of the past few days have given many of you great cause for concern, and we apologize for taking so long to get back to you.
We have been reading all of your comments from the past few days, many of them expressions of anxiety and many of encouragement. Honestly, though many of us are still a little dazed and confused about all of this, the “can-do” fire inside us is still burning as hot as ever!
Not only will the dev team continue on with Legends 3 Project, we will push forward even harder than before to complete Mega Man Legends 3! And just like up until now, we hope that you will continue to help the Legends 3 Project grow. Together, let’s make the best Mega Man Legends ever!
P.S. In the next post, we will be bringing you more details about our new powered-up Devroom community!"

The passion for MML3 is still there, and that's all that really matters. As stated on numerous occasions, the Legends 3 team is made up of some of the most talented staff members around, consisting of not only MML1 and MML2 veterans, but key staff members from Monster Hunter, Lost Planet and the Basara series. Inafune or not, these guys are here to see this game to completion. You've nothing to fear.

 Source: Capcom Unity


  1. I just wonder if Inafune may not have a hand in the project off the clock. If he loves his creations as much as it seems he does, I could completely see him giving the dev team some help along the way. I would imagine his departure didn't sever ties with his co-workers.

  2. Of course the "passion" is still there, this is how these people make their paycheck.

    Whether or not this translates into a good game is another matter all together.

  3. @Hypercoyote: I think Capcom said that him helping out on things won't be ''necessary'', so I don't think he'll get the chance.. But you never know :3 Maybe if the fans demand it or something.

  4. Just as curiosity: the MML3 heroine designed by Keiji Inafune took the 9TH PLACE! Meh, looks like you're really missing him! ^_^/;/

  5. Cue idiot fans prattling on about how it's going to suck anyway and that "Inafune IS Rockman," Mega Man is DOOMED/DEAD, etc. etc., bullshit bullshit.

  6. Sadly if this game doesn't come out to be amazing, fans will blame Inafune's departure for the game's fail.

    Hopefully either case won't happen.

  7. If by passion they mean "make Roll's tits bigger" then I guess they're gonna have lots of passion, alright.

  8. Dash 3 team : huh yea the mastermind is gone...what should we do ?

    capcom big boss : huh hum.....just tell the dead rising fans that the team is on fire and that you will make the best resident evil game evarrrr....

    Dash 3 team : huh we are making a rockman game boss

    capcom big boss : rock...man ? what is that ?

    Dash 3 team : ....

  9. Did the development process change? Did it? That's what I want to know and what I care about. Will we, the fans, be involved in it like originally planned? Because aside from this being MML3, the only other thing going for it was the involvement of outside sources.

    If these plans have changed, I'm not buying the game.. as much as I love Rockman and Rockman DASH.

  10. @Omar

    I'll buy the game, even if it does turn up badly, I will always show my support to the Blue Bomber.

  11. The mastermind is Yoshinori Kawano, not Inafune!

  12. @HeroManX: In fact, you´ll be showing your support to CASHcom enterprise.

  13. @ heroManx

    I always show my support to good games or games with boobies. Also, Inafune. I show my support to him.


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