Thursday, November 25, 2010

E-Tank Mugs For Your Sipping Pleasure

Mega Man fans and hot beverage aficionados will finally have themselves a piece of merchandise to call their own. Online retailer Fangamer are currently accepting pre-orders for an officially licensed E-Tank Mug, set to release in mid-December. Official product description below:

"Drink your coffee like a boss. After 6 months of prototyping and development, the E-Mug is finally here -- a ceramic wonder featuring state-of-the-art glaze and high tech coffee storage solutions for a global economy.
  • Custom cast ceramic
  • Holds 14 fluid ounces
  • Comes with a custom coaster (design to be determined...)
  • Blue and black semigloss glaze
  • Special decal print beneath the glaze on the bottom
  • 4.5" tall
  • 4" wide (5" with handle)

Yes, this has easily made it's way onto my Christmas list. Pre-order yours for $28.00 USD right here!

Thanks for the tip, Tony. 


  1. Wow, that is like, the best and most perfect mug I have ever seen. Seeing is how I am a coffee hound, I am probably going to get this! =D

  2. Don't...know...if...want!

    'Cause once I get one mug, that is like, you know, the ONE mug.

    And do I want it to be an E-Can? Kinda.

  3. Hm... Coaster yet to be determined, eh? Maybe it's an 8-bit energy capsule? All pixelicious and stuff? Made out of cork? I'd dig it...

    As for the mug itself? Awesome. I would happily drink my chicken bullion or rare tea from that mug.

  4. Girouette will be pleased. XD

  5. It would be cool to see that slide into Godot's hands in Ace Attorney 3 as like a random easter egg. It is Capcom after all, lol.

  6. $10 for priority mail shipping....really?!?! But yea, awesome design, but dang, this is now almost $40 w/ shipping.


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