Friday, November 12, 2010

Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom Opening Next Week

The Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is coming soon. Real soon! According to MML3 staffer Kinako Hikawa, the site will finally open its doors next week on November 16.

The devroom is a major factor in Capcom's effort to include the fans in the production of Legends 3. The specialty site will act as a central hub wherein the creative team will interact with fans in making the game. Pictured above is a small teaser of a special wallpaper fans get when they register for the devroom, featuring Roll, Tron and newcomer Lilly (tentative name), the winning design of the heroine contest.

Also, in Hikawa's post, new details on some of the devroom's key features:

Zenny Point System
Zenny will act as the devroom currency. The system will build on top of Capcom Unity's point system whereby fans can use these points to bid on auctions, or exchange them for exclusive devroom prizes.

Servbot Numbers
Each member of the devroom is assigned a Servbot number, distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Servbot numbers 1~41 won't be assigned to fans as they are"premium Servbot Numbers" that actually appear in Legends 3. Fan numbers will start from 42 and onwards.

Servbot Member Cards
When you sign up for the devroom, you'll be given a member card that corresponds with your Number.  Members who make special contributions will be rewarded with special titles, or the ability to create their own custom title.

Again, this is all begins November 16! Check out the full details at Capcom Unity.


  1. Has anyone noticed the pink haired girl in the middle is Lilly? The heroine who was designed by Komaki-san?

  2. ...omgwtfbbq~! this is GREAT!!! X3
    :D PS: you can find me at: great website about the nintendo 3DS. (I hope not e very post I make ends up half-ad...)

  3. It's not before Amir says it's gonna be a bad idea and saying fanbase are gonna ruin Legends 3.


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