Sunday, November 7, 2010

Operate Shooting Star Translation Patch Is A Go

That's right, the translation is back on. Reader LuigiBlood has taken up the reins following the original translator's departure, and has begun developing an English patch for Operate Shooting Star.

The project is currently at 0.2% completion. LuigiBlood has set up a site where you can check out the patch's progress; there's even a few screens of the game up and running in English.

While the project does seem promising, LugiBlood was careful to note the he is also translating a variety of other games, so OSS's development might be a little slow.  Regardless, you can follow the game's development here.

Furthermore, LuigiBlood is in need of some help in translating OSS's new material such as the prologue, the Shooting Star Rockman scenario, and the Star Colosseum Mode. Help is welcome, especially if you're fluent in Japanese.

Shoot LuigiBlood an e-mail at luigiblood[at]gmail[dot]com if you're up to the task!

EDIT: Corrected Luigi's e-mail address. Link not working? Try here.


  1. The Oblivious PrattlerNovember 7, 2010 at 10:57 AM

    0.1%! All right! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. =)

  2. Do want, yes.

    Curse my lack of Japanese lingual knowledge...

  3. I would want to update pages, but my FTP doesn't really like that...
    Anyway, officially, it's 0.2%.
    It's just that the FTP i use, doesn't want to update the page...

    Anyway, it's luigiblood[at]gmail[dot]com.

  4. I'm sorry but. With this game being JUST a port. Why don't you just patch over the scenes where Geo and Sonia came in the mix AND where Clockman.EXE made his appearance. If you patch the entire game, i honestly think it'll be a waste of time. cause the rest of the game is only Megaman Battle Network 1.

  5. The link isnt working.

  6. Link works for me:

  7. @ lubener: Who says he's not doing that?

    Plus, you do have to account for OSS being a DS game, with the original EXE 1 being a GBA game. In theory, porting over the script from the original EXE 1 to OSS sounds simple, but I'd think there would be roadblocks due to the hardware differences...

    Unless you're just asking him to translate the extra scenarios and leave everything else alone. In which it shouldn't even be called a translation patch in the first place.

  8. I can try my best to help out with this translation, if possible.

  9. The link isnt working at all. I tried IE and firefox the latest version. :(

  10. The best bit is this is a remake of a previously translated one so it shouldnt be as hard for them ;)

  11. Now i wish I had gotten a you-know-what deviece a few years back for this...oh well, I'll settle with emu when this baby is done.

  12. For curiosity, is there already a patch that fixes the rom errors, like being unable to edit the chip folder and virus battles at every step?

  13. Anon above: Yes, it was released the day after the game came out. cant link here, google it "anti piracy patch"

  14. yyyaaAAAAAAAAaaaayyyy!

    I love you, Luigiblood.

  15. For the record, There are two rock x-es out there: I'm the one with the - in the name that came from the old MMN forums and had absolutely nothing to do with the translation project: That's the other me. I'd say its nice to hear someone's working on this and glad to hear people are eager to partake in it, BUT as Vile says, "I'd be lying."
    I honestly hoped that this whole issue would've faded away, but now after hearing this I feel it is my obligation to due what's right for the fans.
    @Luigi, I plan to talk to Capcom about filling some "Special" paperwork: Mark My Words, by the end of the year you can expect to receive a "Letter" similar to what the group on "C.T.R." got. You Just Wait & See.

  16. Rock-X:

    What is that suppose to mean? Implying you're going to tell on Luigi for translating a game they (Capcom US) clearly don't care about?

  17. @ Rock-X: I normally wouldn't have cared either way, but since you bring up 'fans', I'm now interested...

    Explain how this is 'what's right for the fans'. No really, do tell.

  18. @Rock-X: Have fun with that.

  19. Rock-X:

    Oh god, seriously? Just shut the fuck up and let the man do the job he volunteered to take on. It's a fucking Mega Man translation patch. Take your drama somewhere else. You don't even know what's best for yourself (not starting needless drama, as it's a waste of your time), let alone the fanbase.

    Jesus, people are stupid.

  20. @Rock-X: Uhhh... how is that what's right for the fans?

    Stupid people gonna stupid.

  21. @LuigiBlood

    Ingore Rock-X, LuigiBlood and keep on making that MMBN:OSS patch! :D

  22. @Rock-X:
    That's so stupid I can't even see straight any more.

  23. Rock-X:

    Oh man, are you serious? That is stupid. People really want to see this come to fruition. it's bad enough Capcom won't let us have it here in, now you?

  24. @Rock-X
    "what's right for the fans."

    What's right for the fans is allowing us to have this game in a language we can comprehend. Capcoms crew the EXE fans over by not localizing OSS. How dare you try to interfere with our efforts of taking that into our own hands.

  25. Rock-X, you had damn well better be trolling, or I swear you will pay with your online life. Protodude, can you block IP addresses from this blog? Just wondering...

  26. @Rock-X

    "Right for the fans"? Pfft, yeah right.

    Cause what we need is more rehashes of Megaman 2? -_-

    Seriously, shut up and get a life.
    This translation is going to be finished, whether you like it or not.

    And also, if it's possible to change the voices for this game, I will PERSONALLY record voices for this game. Not trying to brag, but I've got tons of experience in voice acting, and will be glad to help with both the voices and actual translations for this game.

  27. Okay, whoever the hell is posting as me needs to stop it. No, Seriously: CUT THIS **** OUT! It was one thing to troll here, but to scapegoat me as the douchebag you are is too far.
    To everyone else: Ignore the poser's post and understand this: I don't care what happens in regards to OSS, I've made my opinions about that game loud & clear to you all. If this is what you want, fine you can have it, I WON'T STOP YOU! I will NEEEVEEER EVER even think of pulling any kind of BS this guy's or girl's saying: NEVER!! I wish you the best of luck, LuigiBlood.

  28. @Rock-X Making me stop is impossible.
    Even if Capcom tried to stop me, i can still do it without saying anything. And release it somewhere.
    Maybe with someone as a relay.
    Yeah, i have the balls to say that.

    Anyway, i'm working on understanding the OSS/EXE1GBA Text Format a little more. It's going well.

  29. @Real Rock-X

    If that's true, then who is posing as you? A troll? If it is, then we owe you an apology.

    And oh god, not the MegaMan 2 hate again...

    Isn't everyone getting tired of that?

  30. @Real Rock-X
    Thank you very much.
    Anyway, i will do a video once the first cutscene is done, should be soon (maybe).

  31. Troll copy fake thing.


    I still love you, LuigiBlood.

  32. @ HeroManX: I don't know who it was specifically, but I have a pretty good guess as to who it might be: either way, I assure you, THAT.WASN'T.ME. No need for you apologes: if anything, I should be apologizing to everyone, including LuigiBlood, for not checking this section sooner. I've said my peace and rest assure I'll handle this offline personally.
    P.S. @LuigiBlood: Again, I wish you the best of luck & hope you're successful.

  33. Hm, before I replied, I did suspect that this Rock-X could be an impostor, but I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to try that on this blog. Man, how the community here has fallen.

    I suppose an IP banning is in order for the impostor, would you guys agree? Or at the very least, I wonder if Blogger/Blogspot supports Gravatar?

  34. thank you for doing this!

  35. @ Amir: I'll VA too, if LB will let me, and if you're willing to split the job between us.

    Also, fitting Captcha is fitting:

  36. @Warrior:

    I'll have to hear a few samples of stuff you can do.

    Send it here:

    No offense, but I wouldn't want LuigiBlood to try his best to put our voices in, and then find out they're half-assed sounding at best. (I've dealt with a LOT of people who claim to "be good at voice acting" and in fact, sound like utter garbage, no offense to them)

  37. I'll say it now, i won't take care of VAs, mostly because i like Japanese voices very much, and i don't want a change, it's not really because voices can be bad, no, it's just that i prefer playing with original voices. Sorry for that. I don't want to push this translation patch too far.

  38. @HeroManX:

    "And oh god, not the Mega Man 2 hate again...

    Isn't everyone getting tired of that?"

    No, not really. I think the "hate" that it's been getting is well-deserved.

    Anyway, regarding the translation patch... Don't listen to the Rock-X impersonator, and keep up the good work.

  39. I'd rather have the original voices, really :P

  40. Yes, original voices please. English voices, especially non-professional ones/amateur fan ones, would utterly ruin the patch.

    And don't sweat it, Rock-X. Disregard everything I said to "you" up there, because I was clearly talking to your impostor. But seriously, what fucking grade are we in again that we have people posing as each other on a Mega Man blog? Jesus.

  41. @Krazy Monkey

    I thought you were going to try not to say your MegaMan 2 hate opioions... *Raise eyebrows*

  42. @HeroManX:

    Hey, all I did that time was answer your question. I didn't get into anymore details than that.

  43. @Krazy Monkey

    Sorry. *Rubs head nervously.*

  44. OSS English Translation Teaser :

    Showing that it works, with no problem, and thanks to Prof9, for helping me fixing the Title Screen.

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  46. Any news on the progress?


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