Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mega Man Balloons And Party Favors From Betallic

Just another example that the licensing of the Mega Man brand truly knows no bounds. Behold, Mega Man birthday balloons.

Produced by Betallic, the foil party balloons measure in at 18 inches, normally sold in packs of ten. These guys are real cheap, too: individually, they're a mere $0.38 USD or a box for $16.28.

I contacted Betallic a short while back to inquire about the license. Apparently, the company was awarded the rights to produce Mega Man party favors back in 2008.

They haven't done much with the brand recently, however I'm told they'll soon be producing more Mega Man-themed goods in the form of grab bag toys (miniature figures), food mats, napkins and plastic plates featuring Mega Man characters. They've no idea when these are coming out, but they're on the burner. Needless to say, these items sound great for the young'ins or older fans with children of their own!

It's interesting to see such a wide variety in Mega Man products this past year; almost reminds me of the marketing blitz of 2004. From new comics and books to other miscellaneous goods, there's a whole slew of little products and merchandise for the collectors out there.


  1. Good, that's what successful icons need/do.

    Mario's done it, Sonic's done it, Megaman's hopefully next and certainly deserves it.

  2. I'm gonna buy those for the next office party....

  3. My birthday is somewhat soon (about 2 months time)but I thnk i'm getting a little too old for this stuff :c

    Awesome idea though~

  4. I showed my girlfriend the balloon, and told her to remember for my next b-day. =P

    She replies that we wouldn't be able to use them because I would complain that I'd want them for my collection. D=

  5. @Anon 2 -

    You're only as old as you say you are. I'm 26, and DEFINITELY want these at my next birthday celebration. What Mega Man fan wouldn't?

  6. Haha, I'm 29 and I'd be happy with a MegaMan-themed party :D

    That balloon could use more festive artwork though. Like maybe that MM8 "thumbs up" pic or Powered-Up art.

  7. @Ash:

    Hehe I guess so~ Nice way to think about it :3

    Could just say "Well maybe I want it from a collectors standpoint~" =P the balloon would make a nice novelty collectable =D


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