Sunday, November 21, 2010

Downloadable MvC3 Zero Wallpaper, Theme Song

The Japanese Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 web page is celebrating the inclusion of the red crusader with a brand-new wallpaper for your desktop. The wallpaper features a nice commanding shot of Zero against a New York City skyline with the MvC3 cast embedded in the background. One size fits all, apparently:

What's more, Zero's MvC3 theme song, a spiffy remix of his X2 tune, has been ripped from the site and is now available for download! You can snag it in its entirety for yourself, courtesy of the gents at Mega Man, right here. As a fan of the original, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out!

Credit: MegaManX9


  1. Lemme just be the first to say, FUCK YAH.

    I loved this tune too, and now, OFF TO WINAMP WITH IT.

    Thank youuuu for making my morning.

  2. Wow. If Capcom doesn't stop kissing Zero's ass, he'll never get rid of those hemorrhoids.

  3. cool wallpaper.

    And awesome remix of Zero's X2 theme.

  4. @professor
    Indeed. IMO, Axel deserves all this ass-kissing, not Zero. They REALLY need to put Axel in more of the games. Or was it Axl...? Meh, I honestly cant remember. It would be cool if they put him as a cameo in MvC3, but he still needs his own game.

  5. The wallpaper isn't really that good looking, to be honest.

    Looks like any other Photo-Shop job you'd see on some site like or some shit.


  6. @MegaManMegaFan

    Yeah! Axl needs more love! He needs his own game, baby! > : )

  7. @Professor Megaman: LOL, yeah, I agree.

    @MegamanMegafan: Yah, also agreed, I would love to have seen Axl getting more love, but I would most of all, loved to have seen X. I hope the both of them make a cameo, since Zero's in, we'll obviously be getting a Mega Man X themed stage to play in, maybe we'll see them in the background like Teisel and Baby Bonne are in Tron's stage.

  8. @amir I actually agree. Even the cover art for MVC3 looks absolutely terrible.

    on another note. Lovin the theme.

  9. Although Axl doesn't has his own game, Mega Man ZX Advent is close to it.

  10. Hey, do we know yet if Zero's voice is going to be english dubbed in this game, or if it will remain his Japanese voice like in Tatsunoko vs Capcom?? I hope it's the latter... thanks ^^


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