Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sneak Peek At New Rockman Online Trailer

Various Korean-based gaming sites have gotten a hold of a couple new Rockman Online assets. The first of these, screencaps from the newest animated trailer set to debut online tomorrow.  From the looks of it, the footage will be heavily Rockman X centric with one scene in particular focusing on Axl and Ferham (Command Mission) engaged in an aerial combat:

You can barely see her, but that's Ferham in the bottom right corner of the center image. What's more, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first mention of Axl in RMO. It remains to be seen if he's actually playable so hopefully we'll get some more info on that shortly.

Furthermore, here's some new environment art and a closeup shot of Rockman Killers Punk and Enker in their RMO armor. These pieces were shown at the game's G-Star booth earlier, but now we've got them in much better quality:

The new trailer is set to debut online sometime tomorrow coinciding with new information about the game. G-Star is ever approaching so do look forward to future updates!

Sources: Ruliweb, Khgames


  1. The Mega Man Killers are in, huh? Sweet. This game has officially become all kinds of awesome.

  2. Hmmm so all the classic robots got a reploid-style design now.

  3. *Girlish Scream* It just gets better! I really hope they have Plans for a US release.

  4. *whiiiimmmppperrrr*

    That picture of X is so adorable! Man, this thing's little anime snippets makes me REALLY WISH they would make a MMX anime already..! That would hold me off until the next X game for a while!

  5. AHHHH!!! AXL !!
    It's... It's Axl !!

    I-I should calm down ? Yeah i should.
    I want a Axl Type in Rockman Online.

  6. awesome @_@, the pictures the artwork, the new trailer that shows tommorow , can't wait to see actual gameplay :3

  7. That 3D snake/pharaoe temple image looks the closest to an actual in-game screen.

    We will see...

  8. Nice!! I can't wait to see a real trailer. :)

  9. LOL FAIL. I put my excited comment in the topic prior to this one. It still applies though. I'm really excited about seeing Axl there. He needs some more love. <3

  10. *Girlish Scream* (a la Ned Flanders when he noticed the purple curtain)

    This is gonna be awesome!


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