Monday, November 15, 2010

Zero Confirmed For Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Let's all try to act surprised:

Update: Screenshots!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  1. That is a cool remix of his Rockman X2 theme. Also, not very surprising, no. I think M.O.D.O.K. was more surprising, actually. XD

  2. Although some people seem to be upset about it, I really like his alternate color:

  3. So there will be no Megaman X in MvsC3 for sure.


    And maybe X fans may be upset with Zero, who is in this game. I suppose.

  4. Nothing wrong with the 2nd color, but if it has 4 or more like MVC 1 and 2, Black Zero is a must be, like black Spider-Man and red Gustaff for Tron.

  5. *Facepalm* Again? X would've been better.

  6. That blue Zero color looks like the biggest F-U to Megaman X whiners, ever. XD

    Other than that, he looks just as powerful/OP as he was in TvC, and more.

    By the way, I was one of the people who pitched this snippet in. :3

  7. Whoa, Zero's playable!? Seriously!? Gee, I never saw THAT one coming!

  8. Zero's artwork:

  9. Oh snap! This is sweet! Was there a Marvel character announced as well?

  10. Y'know what? Just scratch that. I just saw She-Hulk.

  11. That sounds like Johnny Yong Bosch (aka Vash the Stampede in Trigun, aka 2nd Black Ranger in Power Rangers, aka Ichigo in Bleach) doing the voice for Zero, which actually fits really well.

  12. I knew it! Even though it's not Classic MegaMan, MegaMan.EXE or Starforce MegaMan, Zero has made a triumphant return in MVC3! Take that, assholes who bitched about MegaMan.EXE and Star Force MegaMan being in MVC3! :D

  13. That's no Lucas Gilbertson. I want Lucas to voice Zero.

  14. Ugh. Once again, Zero gets all the love, and X gets none. X would have been such a better choice.

    I swear to god, Mega Man still better make it into MvC 3. If Zero gets in and not even the original Mega Man does, my interest is completely killed… save for Amaterasu.

    Ugh, Zero. You used to be so cool... and then you were overdone and overstayed your time in the spotlight.

  15. @Amir

    Not true. Sure, X fans were disappointed when MegaMan X didn't make it to MVC3, but I bet they'll be happy to see Zero in MVC3. He will make up foe X not being in mvc3 cause I'm A MegaMan X and Zero fan too. ;D

  16. Great, now whenever I see Zero, I'll think he's voiced by Ichigo Kurosaki. Joy.

    In other news, not bad. Any Zero/ZX love, though? Wouldn't mind Ven/Aile, nor one of the four Generals.

  17. Pffft they got this guy instead of me? Looks ridiculous!

  18. I am SHOCKED! seriously zero? again? i would prefer classic bass or megaman.

  19. All these fighting games coming out with megaman characters in them are starting to get jumbled in my head.

    When do we get our Megaman fighting game?

  20. @HeroManX:


    Just look at some of the comments on here alone, let alone EventHubs and Shoryuken. Hell, look at the article's text for it "let's try not to act surprised" in a sarcastic tone. People are obviously disappointed in Zero being in MvC3 as opposed to X.

    Me personally, the only disappointment I have is that he was incredibly easy to use with the Easy Mode controls that WiiMote-only gave, his incredibly high amount of usage online, and the un-stoppable setups he could do when fighting in severe lag. (Those who deny this have obviously never fought a Sougenmu-Hadangeki spamming Zero in 2-second delay-causing lag before)

  21. Capcom said that fan demand might affect DLC. I think we should make a petition for X. I like Zero, but why he gets the lights all the time? How about X? Isn't he the series main hero, after all?

  22. I want to hear the words "It's Morphin' Time!" come from Zero's mouth now. THAT will make my week.

  23. @ HeroManX: There were people here who bitched about EXE and SSR being in MvC3?

    Regardless, a lot of people here seem to act as if this is all of the Rockman characters that are going to be in MvC3.

    It's said that there are going to be more reveals later this week (although it's unlikely that said reveals will include another Rockman character), and it's already known that MvC3 announcements will be taking place at next month's Jump Festa on the 19th, IIRC - immediately after Rockman's 23rd anniversary.

    Everyone's expecting the Rockman incarnation and maybe a fourth character to be revealed at Jump Festa, whether it is Classic Rockman and possibly Forte.EXE, or Rockman.EXE and Roll/Dr. Wily.


    EXE. Please EXE.

    Dangit, I only have a Wii.

    I need to get a PS3 or something.

  25. @Anonmous

    True. There may be hope for X to be DLC in MVC3.

  26. Show some love for Zero of MegaMan X fame! And down with those who think X fans are gonna be disappointed!

  27. @Anon again.

    Yeah, so X should be DLC for MVC3! And who said Zero is overused and OP? Geez, some people never saw Zero fight so well.

    Hell, I remember when I was little when I still got the SNES, I always play as X and Zero in X3. Cause they are clearly the new Dymanic Duo. And Axl came along later overtime and they became the Three Muskentears or Three Maverick Hunters. Yeah, I like Axl, so sue me! > : D

    So I'm willing to bet that Classic MegaMan will make a comeback in MVC3. Bewteen you and me, Classic MegaMan and Zero will probarly make the perfect tag team. ;D

  28. Yes, but X isn't as popular as Zero, Vile, Axl, and the Green Biker Dude. XD

  29. Now that you mention it, HeroManX, Classic Mega Man's inclusion is probably why X didn't make the cut, since, if I'm not mistaken, their playstyles are nearly identicle.

  30. @ Anon who posted the Joystiq link:

    I can already tell you that list is fake, as much as I want Rockman.EXE in the game.

    That exact same list (minus Classic being mentioned alongside Megaman/Rockman.EXE) was posted by some troll over at Capcom Unity last week, trying to pose as the famous SSFIV leaker Kensk.

    Plus, Niitsuma himself just disconfirmed any further Darkstalkers series characters about three weeks ago. That means no Hsien-Ko. Not to mention that it's highly unlikely that we're getting any more than 42 characters, let alone 48.

    That's not even mentioning that a few of the picks in there are clearly guesses, like Rockman.EXE or Classic, Frank West or Chuck Greene, and Soki or Samanosuke.

  31. @ Atiliaias

    Yeah, I may be a fan of Classic MegaMan, but like you, I definately want MegaMan.EXE to be in MVC3. To answer your question about people who bitched about SFMM and MM.EXE wanting to be in MVC3, I was just stating my opioion.

    @Krazy Monkey

    You're absolululey right abotu Classic MegaMan and MegaMan X having simialr fighting styles. But stiil, I'm sad that X didnt make it. But I hope he appears as DLC if Capcom will make some.

  32. I WANT LUCAS TO VOICE ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Zero's an amazing character, but X still deserves some love. Zero's already gotten so much playtime in way more games than previously intended, (you know, since he was actually supposed to die and all.) I can't think of too many more examples where the other "cooler" character has overshadowed a main character more than Zero has with X. X has a bit of a different kind of distinction from the other 'Megaman' characters that I've played. Maybe that's just because he seems different in every game, but that's what I like about him compared to the others.

  34. Anyone see the awesome AWESOME Zero
    artwork at the MegaManX9 website?!
    It made me squeal with JOY!

    I'm still drooling from the marvelous
    sight of that beautiful red MALE
    humanoid robot...

    (wipes drool off)

    Anyway, too bad X didn't make it in,
    cuz I wuv him too. But, boy... Zero...

    (Resumes drooling...)

    Oops. :3

  35. @ Joseph: I agree, I want that theme as MP3 format yesterday please.

    @EVERYONE regarding Johnny Yong Bosch as Zero's VA: He also did Kiba in Wolf's Rain, and seems as a pretty kick-ass guy. He went to an anime con cosplaying as Kiba with a Cheza cosplayer. Sounds like he's just about as cool about the fandoms he gets involved in as Lucas is. Still, I am sad to see Lucas isn't doing this one. Maybe his movie he's doing threw Capcom is causing his schedule to be too busy for this?

    @Everybody whining about lack of X: AGREED. Go check out /m/ on 4chan; they're having a massive bitchfit about it too.

    @...X..?: ...uh.. o_o;
    agreed, and..
    .....dude wtf. XD Am I the only one noticing this commenter? >>;; Ok, yah, you should probably go hide now, before I pounce, K? (or a few other people do, lol!) Bah, either way, that made my day and reminds me of those 'translated lyrics' videos on YouTube.. *snirk*

  36. Gee, thanks Capcom. Any chance of diversity in online opponents just got flushed down the toilet.

  37. @Anon

    Yes! That's what I think too! in a not gay kind of tone. Finally, some love for everyone's favorite crimson Maverick Hunter and final creation of Dr. Wily! :D

  38. As much as I like Gilbertson, Bosch seems to fit him well too. And on that note...

  39. I don't know why people act like it's such a surprise X isn't included. The devs stated a long time ago he wasn't in. He's too similar in playstyle to the original Mega Man.

    I don't see why it always has to be Mega Man, though. There's plenty of other non-main characters that would be good choices. Personally, I would have liked to see Axl instead, if just for the lulz of all the people whining.

    But yeah, Capcom should just give us a Mega Man only fighting game.

  40. @MidniteW

    Thank you!!!

    *throws hat off to you, as well as a cookie.

  41. @kobun37:

    Who said X had to be so similar to Mega Man in play style? Some key notes that they could use for X's moveset if they had included him:

    1: X can wall-jump, Rock can not. (IE: See Chun-Li, pretty sure she has the same ability).

    2: Rock uses Rush/Beat and honestly, Hyper Mega Man looks way too close to X's ultimate armor that I've seen folks confuse HMM for Ult Armor X a million times. X uses armors. They could use X1, X2, X3, Fourth, Falcon, Shadow... The list goes on. You want a MASSIVE Super? Have X whip out his ultimate armor from CM and watch the fire works.

    3: Yes, X has a Buster like Rock but it's easily able to be downplayed so he doesn't rely on it so much as Rock players can rely on a spam-buster attack. Yes, let him charge it, but X's main 'ability' should be his being able to switch armors and therefore, abilities. I mean, look at Amaterasu's abilities; I saw a few videos of her game play and honestly, I don't think there's one thing she could do that they DIDN'T manage to get in (aside pooping/peeing on enemies, those, admittedly, probably didn't make it in!); you can even switch her weapons in mid-fight and if they can do it with her, they could easily give X a few armors to utilize in play should the need arise.

    I'm still hoping (probably beyond hope) that he's going to be a massive "SURPRISE here's your Mega Man of this game!" and prove that Seth was just trying to lie like he did a character in TvC (I believe, Yatterman 2 or something??) maybe as DLC, or, at the very least, in the background of Zero's stage, since he's in, he'll obviously have one. That might be enough for me to play the game, but I'm not going to reward Capcom if X isn't playable by buying the game.. Amaterasu and Zero arn't enough for me to do that.

  42. @Amir

    Godamnit Amir, when will you learn to shut up and minnd your own business with your rude and offesive attitude towards fans? Or better yet, never show your face in this blog again cause you have been proven wrong many times by some people?


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