Monday, November 22, 2010

Jazewares To Produce New Mega Man Figures In 2011

It's been a little something I've been sitting on for a while now, but they made it official: Jazwares is bringing the Mega Man line back in full swing starting in 2011, according to a recent press release:

"Jazwares, Inc., a leader in the consumer products marketplace, has been awarded the toy licenses for Capcom’s Street Fighter® and Mega Man® video game franchises. Under the terms of the agreement, Jazwares will be the master toy licensee for Mega Man. The Street Fighter license is a category-specific agreement that covers only the categories of Boys BS/PVC/Vinyl figures and accessories, 4-inch and under playsets and vehicles.
The Jazwares’ team of design experts have built a reputation for producing true-to-life toys that bring action-figure play to kids and collectors alike. In 2011 they will translate two of the most popular iconic video games into new collections for the fall.“We are extremely excited to put a new punch in the popular Street Fighter and Mega Man brands with all new action figure collections for the next generation of fans,” said Laura Zebersky, executive vice president sales, Jazwares."

Created by Capcom in 1987, Mega Man is one of the most iconic video game characters in the world and starred in more than 140 different games. Mega Man collectively sold over 28 million copies worldwide. Mega Man® 9 and Mega Man® 10 brought the reputation of the franchise back by recreating the classic game and graphics of the original Nintendo release.
Capcom and Jazwares team up in spring 2011 to combine classic entertainment with an all new line of kid and collector action figures, allowing kids and parents to continue the adventures of Mega Man at home. "


It remains to be seen just what will make up this collection, however, in the past, there's been talks of bringing out a new 3 and 3.75'' figures, and the long awaited second Retro Roto wave.

You will be hearing about these figures very, very soon but I can't say much more than that right now. Stay tuned! You're in for a surprise or two!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. 29 million copies worldwide is to low for 10 buck games.

  2. Man, as a figure collector I have some real concerns with Jazwares. I've had several of each of the figures in their first line, and definitely felt they were of bad quality overall. The joints were extremely loose in some figures or poorly arranged in others, resulting in limbs coming off easily. The paint was lacking as well, and the extras that came with the figures (swords, buster shots, etc) were of visibly poor quality. They were especially bad when you compared them to the Battle Network figures that Mattel was putting out around the same time. I definitely wished Capcom would have gone with Mattel for all the MM figures and not just BN.

    The Retro-Roto figures they put out later were fine, alot better in quality. But those were in completely different materials, and for a "cutesy" concept that was alot simpler to design for.

    It's been a couple of years since all that, so I'll give them a second chance. My hope is a re-release of their first set, in much better quality.

  3. The Street Fighter figures are likely to cause nightmares within me.

    Here's hoping the Jazzwares are better this time around.

    Also inb4 that one guy who rages at any mention of Jazzwares.

  4. That's very spooky. Just today I was thinking about the Retro Rotos and wondering when they might return. Then just now I see this, lol. Very interesting. It may or may not be new Retro Rotos, but either way I welcome any new Mega action figures.

  5. If this means I'll be able to get my Wily figure, then I'll be happy.

  6. Anyone remmber the classic Command Mission X with fingernails? haha 8D

  7. Th biggest surprise is that Jazzwares is still in business.

  8. Oh boy Jazwares making new figures. That's like if someone announced that poop was going to sold on store shelves again.

    For what it's worth the Retro Roto line was pretty good, but man their regular figures just plain suck.

  9. @Dr. Jerk - You know there was a Wily figure in the Megaman Playset, right?

  10. My only request. Use the retro-roto figure line to construct a complete set of MM1 robot masters.

    They churned out Gutsman and Elecman in series 1, and were planning an Iceman for series 2...
    Top it off with Fireman, Cutman and Bombman and I don't care if they never make another Megaman figure.

    The only complete set of MM1 boss figures is the PVC line from the TV show toy line. Shame...

  11. I got some hope for Jazwares, I've seen their sonic figures line and they're pretty good compared to what they used to make. Hopefully some good figures and maybe model kits will come out of this

  12. I'll be honest, the only ones I'm looking forward to are the Street Fighter figures.

    I had a large-scale Black Zero and the normal size MegaMan (classic) figures, and they're... horrible at best. The paint is cheap, the Zero one broke without me even doing anything to it, (It's right leg broke off by it's own sheer weight while I had it displayed in my room. Not to mention the detachable hair piece becoming unable to reattach after the first few days), and in some cases, come with pieces that aren't even usable at all. (The MegaMan X figure with the weird back-pack/armor/thingy comes to mind)

    And the sad thing is, these figures get sold at regular price for most toy stores, unless they're running a deal where they'll sell like 2-4 for half the price of a regular toy.

    I got a Ken figure from Jazwares' line back during the 15th Anniversary Street Fighter days, and it's still in great shape. I take care of all my figures and stuff equally, yet the SF one was much better?

    I dunno, man...
    If I'm gonna ever get another Rockman/Megaman figure, it'll be from Bandai's lineup, or if there's ever a release of those SSR2-3 figures. (Green Shinobi and Red Joker figures would be sex)

  13. Oh no, not more s*** form Jazwares. They should forget it, Kotobukiya is the REAL master toy license for Mega Man.

  14. I think Wily's trying to molest Megaman in that picture....

  15. @Hypercoyote: Yes, I know. Unfortunately I cannot really get it.

  16. "Kotobukiya is the REAL master toy license for Mega Man."

    Yes. That and Bandai if their mock up of their X figure is any sign of things. Just turn the entire toy liscense over to Bandai or Mattel or Hasbro or some damn company that knows how to actually make toys.

  17. Personally, considering you have to put the whole figure together yourself, stickers and all, not to mention the high prices, I wouldn't put Kotobukiya as the "best" at Rockman toys.

    I really liked the stuff TakaraTomy and Mattel did for the EXE and SSR figures. They were easy to use, had parts you could snap-on or snap-off, and in a way, basically gave you two figures in one at times. (All the SSR1 and Soul Unison figures were basically like this.)


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