Monday, November 22, 2010

Even More Rockman Online Tidbits

When it rains it pours. We've got a some new bits of Rockman Online info coming from an interview with a Neowiz staff member Min conducted at G-Star 2010, translated by the crew at Mega Man Below, I've provided highlights of some of the more noteworthy bits; for the full read, you'll have to hop on over to MMX9.

  • Rockman Online is roughly 30-40% complete, with large scale testing set to take place next year.
  • Instead of immediately dying when falling into a pit, your character will be repositioned losing health.
  • Min touched upon the game's stages, specifically outlining scenarios that involve escorting an NPC instead of simply battling your way to a boss.
  • Neowiz are currently undecided if Ride Chaser-oriented stages will appear.
  • Proto Man and Bass are not playable characters. 

Additional details about the game have also surfaced via a Game Watch report, translated by The Mega Man Network:

  • NeoWiz is aiming to have a closed beta test started during the first half of next year.
  • The game was originally planned to be an MMORPG, but is now being developed as just an MORPG.
  • The G-Star demo featured the Gaia area, which contained the forest stage and secret base stage. Additional areas being planned include Atlas, Oceanus and Nike.
  • Besides X, Zero and Duo, Cinnamon is indeed an additional character type, and they are thinking of adding 2-3 more.
  • Stages are being planned with three levels of difficulty, and the G-Star demo represented the absolute middle. Having four players is recommended to tackle the game’s hardest difficulty.
  • One of X’s special attacks is described as a Capoeira-style spinning kick he can do in the air to repeatedly hit enemies at close range.
  • Trap elements include items like decayed floors, bombs and switches to open and close doors.
  • One of the features of the game will be “up and down” movement. Despite being a 2D platformer, this will make use of the 3D graphics to bring out more depth. (Perhaps like Metroid Other M).
  • There are five points of character customization: head, body, weapon, legs and case (presumably for a carry-on item). The more you level up, the better equipment you can use, and already there is equipment as high as level 50.
  • The matching lobby will be able to hold roughly 200 players, where they can buy equipment and communicate with one another. PVP is also planned on being added.
Credits: Mega Man, The Mega Man Network


    1. "Proto Man and Bass are not playable characters."

      I have officially lost interest in this game.


      Just kidding. The game does still look awesome and everything, but it's somewhat of a letdown that Duo's playable, and not the two of them.

    2. Even, not Evdn... ;p

    3. Axl For Fifth Playable Character

    4. no bass and protoman.. plus no character creator i lost almost all interest in this :( (if this appears in consoles i will play it tho if its just pc il pass)

    5. I hope there aren't stats, but power increases by equips, since players who want to challenge themselves can then play around with basic equipment without having to worry about killing everything in one shot and stuff.

    6. I'm a little concerned with the MORPG versus MMORPG. I was looking forward to playing with a full server of people on hugely large open arenas. It's fun pairing up with random people and teaming up to go to tougher areas together or go around picking up heavy aggro. That's about the only way I tolerate grinding. Repeating the same scripted missions over and over sounds alot less fun.

    7. Not buying into the hype. From the gameplay I've seen so far, it looks like some generic Platformer-RPG-Beat 'em up with bland, uninspired level designs. Even MMU makes this look like shit.

    8. WTF? no playable Bass? even with that awesome cloak in the trailer?

      My interest in this game goes down 70%.

    9. Maaan. After seeing that bad ass ProtoMan armor, I am disappointed that he won't be playable. :(

    10. "'Proto Man and Bass are not playable characters.'

      I have officially lost interest in this game."

      This. No Bass and Protoman = me not giving a damn. Sorry Zero, looks like you're on your own this time...

    11. Am I the only one who think that this game look really bad ?

      I'm sorry I'm not in

      ...waiting for Legends 3....

    12. WTF? no playable Bass? even with that awesome cloak he got in the trailer?

      My interest in this game just drop 70%.

    13. Anyone speaks Korean? somebody needs to tell neowiz they are screwing up by not adding playable Bass and protoman.

    14. Iiiii'm going to have to chime in with the haters on this one.

      Though I think I'm more of a meh'er, but eh.

    15. Interesting news, Hopefully they will release Bass , Blues and Axl . And maybe pets like Treble and Rush =D

    16. Hm, then why bother showing Blues and Forte in the trailer, unless they plan to have them show up as random stage boss Mavericks/Irregulars?

      Bleh, indeed.

    17. Curse you absurdly fickle fans!

    18. Guys, do you KNOW that this is obviously because they will release them later? Jeez, don't be so quick. It's really obvious they will be releasing more and more chars with time.

    19. PVP is also planned on being added.

      Yes. Because we all know what bloodthirsty savages online gamers are. God, shades of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 immediately pop into my head. ._.

      HRaE said...
      Axl For Fifth Playable Character

      Ha ha ha! No. :B


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