Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rockman X3 Goes Mobile

A mobile phone port of Rockman X3 is now available for purchase via Capcom's iMode site “Capcom Party,” according to Famitsu. Pricing is set at 315 Yen.

The game is a faithful port of the original, modified only slightly for mobile phone compatibility. New to the game is a ranking option that tracks your scores with other players throughout Japan. Unfortunately, still no sign of X3 or its mobile phone predecessors making the jump to our side of the pond.

Source: Famitsu


  1. In 20 years, we'll probably be seeing PS2 games on phones....I'd be all over X8.

  2. Well at least the Iphone or mobile whatever they call 'em nowadays get to experience the X series. Hopefully this will spark an interest for Capcom to develop Megaman X9 if the sales get really popular with it....Hey just trying to stay positive here!!

  3. I'm just fine with my Google Nexus One and the ability to play emus at full speed while having my Wiimote w/ Classic controller synced through Bluetooth. =P

  4. X9 won't be developed. The series was supposed to end with X5. The Zero Collection site confirms this in that games above X5 are not referenced at all, as they are not canon.


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