Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Servbots, Proto Man Cameo In Dead Rising: Case Zero

From mountains of Servbot-themed merchandise to Frank West's realistic Mega Man X costume, Capcom's Dead Rising series certainly loves to pay homage to the Blue Bomber. Dead Rising: Case Zero, the forthcoming playable prologue to Dead Rising 2, looks to continue this trend.

E3 attendees Trike and Riley had a chance to play Case Zero at E3 last week, and both managed to spot a few Mega Man tributes. Trike writes, "There were two Mega Man cameos that were very noticeable. One was that the Servbot Helmets return. This time however there are many variations featuring different Servbot expressions. They are pretty funny. The other is that there is a Proto Man cardboard cut-out that is able to be used as a weapon."

Riley confirms these nods and then some. "I saw a couple Mega Man posters plastered onto the walls of the playable stage", he writes "The posters featured art from the six NES games. Also, I had a chance to speak with a Capcom rep and according to him, the MMX costume will return in DR2 and even teased the possibility of another Mega Man-themed costume."

I don't mean to sound like a Zero fanboy, but I'd love for the new costume to be Zero. You have to admit, slicing through hordes of zombies with your Z-Saber would be pretty awesome. Dead Rising: Case Zero will be made available to download some time prior to August 31st, exclusive to Xbox 360.


  1. I love the Mega Man cameos! It gives a nice charm to Dead Rising, and makes it just /subtly/ more connected to our reality, like with Metal Gear Solid :)

  2. Oh, damn. I did not even see the Mega Man boxart. Zero would be amazing, but couldn't it also be the Roll Caskett costume that was in Dead Rising for the Wii? Although Chuck could be the Zero to Frank's X.

    And I sort of agree Marco! Although it is in some glorious alternate reality where Mega Man Legends was really popular. I mean there is that whole Zombie Apocalypse as a negative if you wanna nitpick.

  3. Zero will be in it because it's Dead Rising: Case Zero.


  4. Too bad this isn't on PS3 :(

  5. i bought an xbox 360 just so i could play dead rising and have case zero :)


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