Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rockman DASH 2 Special Selection Art Book Scans, Plus A World Hobby Fair Update

For those longing for a nice look inside the near unobtainable Rockman DASH 2 Special Selection art book (released only in Japan in limited quantities last fall), Mega Man Legends Station has you covered. Forumgoer Emeltee has scanned the book's contents in it entirety, and has graciously put it up for public download here.

The book is loaded with official and conceptual art from DASH 2, including several pieces featuring unused characters, enemies and weapons. There's even art for some unused Roll vehicles like a jet pack and a motorcycle (pictured). Why these didn't make it into the final game are beyond me, but they sure are awesome.

Snag a download at the above links.

On an unrelated note, I thought I'd touch on the subject of the World Hobby Fair considering many of you want to know what's going down. Simply put, there's been no announcements. Absolutely nothing. With only one day left, there's still a chance something might come up but, honestly, I wouldn't get your hopes up. I'll keep you posted.


  1. This art is just fascinating, especially in the upper left corner of Page 31 where we see a sketch of an island that looks vastly similar to that unknown place in that Rockman DASH 2 V-Jump video here:

    At 1:09, you can see a town that remains completely absent from the final build. I'd say the town's scenario matches the sketch I'm talking about.

    Thank you very much for these scans, Milkshake. I'm dang sure you've made some people very happy.

  2. This is nice. I bought a copy of this book, and was going to scan some of them myself.

  3. Lots of nice and interesting stuff!

    Bon Bonne's unused powered suit in page 9 is strange.

    The island on page 31 is a bit overloaded, must be tough living in a world covered with endless water...

  4. Is this legal to post for download?

  5. Yes it's legal. The book has been out of print for over a year.

  6. So I assume the Fair is over by now? And still nothing related to Mega Man? This is so very odd. Capcom invites you and TMMN to E3, and no Mega Man. As well as no Mega Man at the World Hobby Fair. So, why exactly were you and TMMN invited to E3? This baffles me to no end. >_<; I guess they just really like you guys and they wanted to be thoughtful. =)

    However, no news of a "hobby style" Mega Man game is good news to me. (Don't kill me EXE and Starforce fans, and let me explain). That style got really boring and tedious, granted I did like EXE and kind of liked Starforce, I wish for the developers to take a break from it for a while until they come up with something fresh, new, and exciting. And in that time frame, maybe they'll actually decide to go all out. I'd really like to see one of their games get high ratings again since it's been a long time since then. What was the last "hobby game" to get good ratings? EXE3, right? If I'm correct then you must see my point. =/

  7. @MegamanXTI:

    *takes out bow and arrow*
    *reads further*
    *withdraws bow and arrow*

    For the most part, I agree with you. The ten year break did some good for the Classic series, even if MM9 and 10 weren't exactly "fresh, new, and exciting". Of course, it doesn't have to be 10 years for the Network Timeline, but you all get what I mean.

    I can almost expect a new Network Timeline series to be launched on the 3DS anyways. For all I care, they could also stop developing games for the Network Timeline series altogether when they finally create an EXE MMO. (it'd probably work best on the PC, and it'd make a hell of a lot more sense there too. FULL INTERNET CAPABILITIES, not HALF-ASSED INTERNETS WITH THE FRIEND CODES AND CRAP.)

    However, at this point, I'm far more interested in finding out exactly what in the world Universe is.

    There's TGS to look forward to. It starts on September 16th.


    Random ramble: I really do want to rain arrows on the person who came up with the term "hobby style". It's a lot more derogatory than it makes any sense.

    One would think that term would apply far more to the platformers. The RPGs run on setup and strategy, while the platformers just involve running around and shooting/slashing stuff in various ways. The platformers are a lot more pick-up-and-play to boot, with standard playthroughs usually taking anywhere from 1-3 hours while the RPGs can take 8+.

    All this, and someone has the gall to call the Network Timeline "hobby style"?

  8. F*@#! YEAH!!!

    Thank you, Legends Station! I cannot tell you how much I drooled over this book when I first found out about it.

  9. Download link is broken. :(

  10. Can you reuploading it ? The link is dead. I want it so badly. PLEASE ?!

  11. Knowing this forum may be dead, I still would like to try. Can someone re-upload the download link for the art book please??


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