Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Want Mega Man Online? Capcom Wants To Know

As previously reported, Mega Man Online, the upcoming MMO from Capcom and NeoWiz, will make its debut release in South Korea. Other Asian markets are said to follow suit, but there's been no word of an international release, leading many to assume it simply isn't happening. With your support, however, that could change.

Capcom USA recently took an interest in the title, and put out a call to action: "What do you folks think? Does this sound like something you'd like to get your hands on in a Western release?" Writes Jgonzo of Capcom Unity. "Maybe it's too early to make a decision, since we know so little. Either way, let your voices be heard in the comments!"

If Mega Man Online sounds like something right up your alley, speak up! Head on down to Capcom Unity and comment.


  1. No idea. If it's anything like the Digimon MMO was, then I'll pass. The whole thought of an MMO for megaman I really don't know about at all... I mean, it's a totally different kind of game.

    I'll have to see what it is first. If it's what I think it is, they shouldn't waste their time.

  2. The "Digimon" MMO?? you meant MegaMan EXE, didn´t you?

  3. kotipeltox, do you HAVE to do that kind of crap in nearly every article?

    There's having an honest opnion, and then there's the kind of insane obsession to LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU HATE SOMETHING, ALL THE TIME, even when it's COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the discussion.


    What do I think? It WILL make it to the US eventually, but nobody should be holding their breath for its release anytime this year.

    The general pattern that I've noticed regarding Korean MMOs is that it can take anywhere from a year to two full years before international versions are created. Unfortunately, the latter side of the time spectrum is more common.

  4. I have to say, I do trust NeoWiz with this game. At the very least, it isn't Nexon that's running this game.

    If it was Nexon that was running this game, then it should never be released in North America for the sanity of the fanbase.

  5. No, Koti, I meant the Digimon MMO. Perhaps if you weren't suck an idiot you'd be able to tell the difference between a crappy MMO and a semi-decent game. EXE was more entertaining than the recent Pokemon games at least.

    The problem is, what I have a bad feeling of is that as much as you seem to hate EXE, you'll hate this more. Why? Because it'll probably be a horribly done EXE 'inspired' game. I doubt they'd have much platforming going on, and they'd not be able to really do the random battle system that EXE needed with it's battle layout.

    So it's just a ton of little brats going PEW PEW PEW at mettaurs.

    I mean... I'm sorry. It was bad enough in the Digimon MMO with tons of Takatos, Taichis, and Rikas running around. Now we're gonna get a crapload of Protoman, Base, and Megaman knockoff characters.

    If you really are one of the people who thing that EXE was bad, you've got no clue how much worse this can be. How much worse this probably WILL be, actually. I reserve any desire to actually have this ported here until I see it in action.

  6. Battle Network was a great series. One of my favorite to be honest. I was disappointed when they let it go after BN6 in favor of Star Force. Don't get me wrong I had high hopes for Star Force but the battle system is like a step backwards even if it is in 3D.

    As for the MMO, give me more info. I wouldn't want to say that I want something and have Capcom put effort into a US release only to change my mind cause the game is no good. Hey I'm a huge Mega Man fan and I will buy it but it has to be day one quality for me otherwise I'll wait for a price drop like I did with the Star Force 3 titles.

  7. @Anon -

    Don't feed the troll. Let him go back to hiding under his bridge.

    Anyway, no, Capcom. I don't want it. At all. I'd love something that isn't an MMO, though. That'd be just peachy. :)

  8. We want it,don't block IP adressess from other country, especially Malaysia

  9. Quite honestly, I'm looking forward to this game -- if it does in fact get an English release in future, I certainly hope it becomes available in Australia. I was mildly dissapointed when we didn't get the Rockman EXE Shooting Star crossover game for the Nintendo DS; hopefully we will get Mega Man Online. The information so far sounds really awesome.

  10. So... Megaman Online is supposed to be a platformer, correct?
    If it's anything like I'm hoping it'll be, the action stages will only have three or four characters at max, while central hubs may have an rpg-esque navigation style.
    Sure, there will be the Zeros and Xs and Axls, but that's what happens when you take an established property and turn it into something like this.
    As long as the basic gameplay is about the same as X8 or MHX, I'll be pretty happy with it. Just hope it's not a pay-to-play mmo.

  11. I will vote yes for my fellow megaman fans.

    I won't be getting it though. If it was EXE, I would.

  12. How can we decide we want it if we know almost nothing about it?

  13. A non-inafune X game ?


    I'm sorry Anon 4 but IHX and X8 were cash-in games and had not the quality of X1-5

    look at X8's artworks, it's a mess....

  14. im ok with it but wheres my megaman x9 maverick hunters 2 legends 3? before we get another MMO why wont capcom focus on those megaman >.> anyway im ok with it doubt il play it


  15. Mega Man X8's artwork is incredible... X's design especially. That's all; just felt the need to say that since not everyone seems to appreciate it.

  16. Inafune WAS behind IHX...
    The only problem I had with IHX was how much they changed the story. Sigma going evil because he was obsessed with seeing X's true potential? What happened to the Reploid superiority complex and wanting to annihilate the humans?

  17. To be fair, the "wanting to see X's true potential" point is a little more interesting than him just thinking Repliroids were better than humans so humans should just die. But the changed story is a little confusing, and since he hasn't continued the IHX remakes yet like he intended, it hasn't be retconned entirely.

  18. @soultrigger No kidding! Sigma just wants to exterminate and "usher his kind into a new age". He could care less about a human sympathizer!

  19. Protodude, a bit off topic here, but have you found anything notable about Rockman being mentioned in this month's CoroCoro?

    The Pokemon scans have already been leaked hours ago, and I'm starting to think there's nothing noteworthy on the Rockman side this month.

  20. @Alilatias:

    Unfortunately, we've got nothing. I'll continue to keep checking 2ch out (the source of all Coro Coro leaks), but so far nothing.

  21. I'd rather have Mega Man Legands / Rockman Dash MMO.


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