Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mega Man ZX Vol. 1 Seeing Minor Delay

There's been a slight change of plans concerning the release of Mega Man ZX volume 1. Originally slated to hit comic book stores this Wednesday, June 2nd, UDON says that the book will arrive the following day, June 3rd. Apparently being Memorial Day yesterday, all comic books are being shipped out a day later this week. No worries, it's still coming!

Also, for those interested, UDON sends word that Megamix artist Hitoshi Ariga has a new e-book coming out in the States entitled Mimimi: The Tale of a Cat and a Robot, exclusively on Amazon Kindle (or Kindle's free PC app). It looks very cute and you can definitely see that Mega Man flare shining through the art. You can check out some preview pages of Mimimi here.

Thanks, Matt.


  1. ...Is it me, or are these books ALWAYS getting delayed?

  2. MaverickHunterAshJune 1, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    The Memorial Day holiday isn't something UDON could, you know, help or prevent.

  3. Did "Megamix Vol 2" ever come out? Amazon said May 11th, but none of my local stores have it...

  4. Why is everyone avoiding the same question I keep asking? Why isn't UDON commenting on the delay on Megamix Vol. 2? It was due out weeks ago!!


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