Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Capcom Continues To Push For Mega Man Legends On PSN

It's been about a year since we learned of the legality hurdles preventing a PlayStation Network re-release of Mega Man Legends. After a year of silence and no sign of the game showing up any time soon, Capcom has come through with a status update.

Over at the Capcom Unity forums, Christian Svensson offered this brief, yet hopeful statement: "They are indeed taking longer than we'd hoped but we're still working them", referring to Mega Man Legends and Breath of Fire 3 and 4. So it isn't a lost cause after all, but it's taking them a while.

Still, what's the big holdup? Copyright issues with the original voice actors, apparently. Because digital video game distribution wasn't anticipated back in 1998, the rights to re-supply their voice work for a digital release of MML might not have been included in their original contracts. Thus Capcom would need the voice actors' consent to use re-use their voices again; a hurdle in and of itself.

If worse comes to worst and they cannot secure the rights to the dialogue, I imagine they'll either remove the voice acting altogether (consequently adding subtitles to sequences which had voiced dialogue only), or hire new VAs and re-record all the dialogue from scratch. However, in the case of the latter, it would no longer be cost effective because that measure would end up costing Capcom more money then they'd possibly make back on the re-release. A sticky situation indeed.

Nevertheless, I'm confident they'll pull through. Capcom's gone to great lengths to bypass legal hurdles before (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, anyone?) and can most certainly do it again.


  1. If worse comes to worse, they wouldn't be able to remove the voice acting altogether, as there were some notable cutscenes that entirely relied on voice acting and no text.

  2. Now THIS is interesting news. Glad to finally know why they're holding Mega Man Legends to release on PSN (and "just because it sucks" not being the reason for that) :)

    ...that or they just don't want little kids running around screaming "IMMA FIRIN MAH SHININ LAZOR!"

  3. *shakes fist at lawyers*

  4. The PSP versions included an option for subtitles for all voiceover parts, but for me, the voices are as much a part of the game as the action itself. As long as they're working on finding all the old voice actors, they should ask them about their interest in Legends 3. It'd be great if they could get by with replacing as few of them as possible, whenever they do get around to making the third title.

  5. In my humble opinion, they should port the double release of MML and MML2 that was seen in Japan and idk, call it "MegaMan Legends Collection"? Hell, they have Breath of Fire 3 for PSP too. Even though this downloadable title business somewhat useful and can be played on the PSP, I still am a fan of physical, material game media. Since a UMD disc wouldn't be under downloadable title, they might not have to gain the consent of the voice actors. Either way, what with the Zero Collection doing good, why not port the damn double pack of legends ala Power Stone Collection?

  6. Yeah I'd rather have new VAs than no voices at all. But I always thought Legends had the BEST VAing in a Capcom title of the PS1 era compared to the laughably bad big titles like X4 and Resident Evil.

    Just a thought though, if they DID decide to re-record the voices. Maybe, if MvC3 is indeed going to port over Volnutt from TvC, they're going to have to give him an English voice. And maybe THAT English voice could do the dialog. And like an above comment said, maybe this new cast could be used for a Legends 3.

    Whenever L3 is brought up though, I wince at the idea of a completely new cast. I love the cast for the Bonnes.

  7. The other Playstation Mega Man games also had voice acting. What will happen there?

  8. I wouldn't hold your breath. Sony has been giving TERRIBLE support to the PSN, adding crap after crap after crap every week. Once in a full moon the PSN gets something decent, but it's mostly drowning in crap.

    But hey, if Legends DOES show up on PSN, I'd throw a party.

  9. so if voice acting was the issue on putting Mega Man Legends on PSN, does anyone know the reason BOF 3 and 4 aren't? Those two games didn't have any voice acting that I'm aware of besides grunts and yells.

  10. If worse comes to worse, they could always re-insert the Japanese dialogue in the game. Capcom never had a problem doing that before.

    But other then that, if we can't hear any more of MML's classic English dialogue in the future... oh well. =(

  11. Man, I want (English)subtitles for MML, so I can understand what they say during some cutscene and battle. I also want a better graphic than PSOne's graphic, so make it well!

    Thanks, Capcom, for listening! :)

  12. I dunno...Megaman Legends without the brilliance of Rob Smith just wouldn't feel right.

  13. This is very nice to hear. I really thought they gave up on this.

    I've ran into these types of pages before, and wondered why people didn't just download this
    Seems to be a legal download for the PC.

  14. I hope they can get consent. Tiesel just wouldn't be the same with a different voice.


  16. Your friendly, Neighborhood MetoolJune 24, 2010 at 8:53 AM

    I assume this is also the same reason that's keeping MM64 off the VC? Or did that version have voices? Haven't played it in so long...

  17. Augh, if they were to go the route of using a new cast, what I wouldn't give to be the voice director. I know this game in and out, it'd be a giant honor to get to work on something like Legends...

  18. Voice acting? Please at least get Rob Smith's brilliant voicing for Teisel Bonne!

  19. >No Rob Smith
    >No Caroly Larson

    I know it's just a possibility right now but the thought of the original dialogue being scrapped is really disappointing. Teisel's English voice is so great and emotive.

    The game itself will still be solid but it's the little details that make it so memorable.

  20. The voice acting is part of why I like the legends games so much. Particularly Rob Smith's performance.

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