Monday, May 31, 2010

Zero Collection Site Gets Another Revamp (Update)

It appears Capcom Japan have gone ahead and revamped their Rockman Zero Collection website for a third time; the new page is a lot cleaner and, frankly, a bit more user friendly than previous incarnations.

Sections are now represented by a series of Resistance member's rooms:
  • Ciel's room consists of storyline summaries and a streaming trailer.
  • Cerveaus's room offers bios for various characters, weapons and Cyber Elfs. 
  • The Game Info room details Zero Collection's latest features such as the gallery mode, mod cards, customizable controls, etc. Pretty much a summary of everything we've known about the game.
  • The Download room offers nine downloadable desktop wallpapers at varying sizes. 
  • The final room, Alouette's, is currently inaccessible. It's contents are unknown.

    Also new to the site are special messages from the game's staff members, namely, Takeshi Horinouchi (producer), Ryota Ito (planner) and Masaya Suzuki (character designer). Hopefully, someone will get to translating those shortly! Update: Sensei Hanzo has provided a translation of the developer's messages. You can read the transcript here.

    Thanks, Nemomon Nemo!


    1. Loving the artwork of the weapons, never noticed there was an actual "Z" on the Zero Knuckle's palm

    2. All 120 cards are confirmed to appear.

    3. Speaking of Zero Collection, GameFaqs today made a poll including the Zero Collection in it. As with my vote for it, Zero Collection has the second place with 4001 votes (17.97%).

    4. So, where'd the timeline from the old site go?

    5. It's gone! Why Capcom hates detailed timelines? ;_; They should release a OCW-style book with more information and less artwork!

    6. Here, I translated the first part of Hironouchi's part.

      Hello, I'm Capcom's Horiken!
      Sorry for making you wait, but
      やっと『ロックマン ゼロ コレクション』を皆さんの元にお届けできるようになりました!
      I've finally been able to report to everyone about Rockman Zero Collection.
      Ever since the series ended several years ago,
      even now, there have been several thoughts by fans wishing for a sequel,
      そんな熱い気持ちに応えてZERO COLLECTIONを制作してみました!
      I responded to those passionate feelings by trying out working on Zero Collection!

      After a while, I started playing it,
      and I think Zero's action and great world hasn't gotten dull even now.

      (Note this is a lot of literal translation.)

      Something that caught my attention was the fact that he said that the series actually did END. Well, for the longest time, they never confirmed Zero's death. They never said he didn't die, but they never said he did die either. I just think that he might just be implying that. Anyway, you can wait for a full translation by someone better than I.

    7. Oh! He also says that if it gets a sequel though, he'll be happy. Maybe implying the chance for a sequel?

    8. No. No no no. No sequel, please. Zero 4's ending was perfect, and it was crystal clear that Zero did in fact die in the Ragnarok crash. Sad, yes, but incredibly poignant when you consider the sacrifice he made for Ciel and everyone else.

      It was this very ending that allowed me to take Zero seriously as a character again. Up to that point he had become something of a joke with all his dying and resurrecting, but bringing him to this point to have him, like X before him, sacrifice his life for the promise of a better world was a beautiful thing, and the PERFECT way to end the Zero series.

      A sequel would absolutely ruin that and just make Zero a joke again.

    9. @MaverickHunterAsh: I don't see why not, as long it is a prequel. (Maybe Elf Wars?)

    10. It doesn't matter that it was implied. It's never been confirmed Zero's dead anyway. Just look at the Rockman Zero Official Complete Works. It specifically says his whereabouts are currently unknown. Yes, he may have died, but we don't know that.

    11. I don't know if you got my message on Twitter, but here's a translated version of those messages on the Zero Collection site:

    12. MaverickHunterAshJune 2, 2010 at 5:22 AM

      Tayo -

      Fair enough, but in the name of good storytelling and not making Zero a damn joke, let's hope Zero is dead and that Zero 4 completes the circle. It would be so much more poetic that way.

      @Anon -

      Okay, I could get behind Zero 5 being a prequel. I still think that would be more an X game and not a Zero game, though, since it's before the start of what we generally consider the start of Zero's story. Everything up to and including the Elf Wars is really more X's domain; it seems like Zero is really just "along for the ride" there. It is X who finally puts an end to the Maverick Wars, after all.

      My problem is, I don't think Zero 5 would be a prequel. I don't think Capcom cares enough about the story to make a prequel chapter to a spinoff series. It'd be neat to be wrong in this case, though.

    13. Beneath Alouette's room: "System. Sound"

    14. Zero is immortal. Wily can revived him, Cyber-elves can be used, Game Shark...

      X: "Oh my god! You killed Zero!"
      Axl: "You bastard!"
      X: "Oh my god! Zero is alive!"
      Axl: (dies with a heart attack)


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