Sunday, June 6, 2010

Introducing Pic of the Week

I've added a new feature on the blog today: Pic of the Week! Each week, right underneath my contact info on the right, you'll find an ever changing image sent in by readers. Pics eligible include fan-art, a photo of your Mega Man collection or just whatever -- it's got to be Mega Man/Rockman related. Simply contact me at rockman20xx(at)yahoo(dotcom) with the subject pic of the week, and a short description of your piece.  Pics will be random selected from ones that are sent in, posted up on Fridays.

This week's image is from David Pruden, an 11-year old fan who absolutely adores the old school, NES Mega Man games. "The older MM games just seem to be more fun to me. They seem to never lose they're appeal. It's like there's always one power-up you missed or, you want to go for a 100% run of the game. But usually with modern games you play it, you beat it, it gets boring," Writes David. "I don't play modern games that much but I usually am playing a Mega Man game though. 8 bit games just have some sort of extra touch to me than modern games. I'm not saying that modern games are bad but, I just think 8 bit games are much more enjoyable (and 16 bit ones are too)."

Thanks, David. Looking forward to your submissions, everyone!

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