Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ryuusei no Rockman Goes 8-bit

The Ryuusei no Rockman (aka Mega Man Star Force) series gets a classic 8-bit opening sequence treatment in the following fan-made video by Tarbo-san.

The sequence took Tarbo-san a little over three months to produce, and you can check out a behind-the-scenes look at its development over at his blog here (Japanese).


  1. I would love to see this become an actual game

  2. 8D



    Seriously, the only thing better than that would be if there was a MMSF 4 or MZX 3 announcement...

  3. Whoa, Mega Man Starforce, getting converted into a Mega Man Classic-style 8-bit game? Interesting. Let's see how this turns out.

  4. What part of fan-made dont you all understand?

  5. @Anonymous #3:

    ...What are you talking about? Neither of us said anything that's even remotely close to hinting that that we didn't know that it was fan-made.

  6. @ Anonymous 2

    I'll take the SF4 announcement for 500, Alex.

  7. That's really impressive. This makes me actually care about this series now.

  8. This is pretty interesting. I personally like the modern version better though. MMSF4 !!!!!!

  9. I am very impressed, It's much better than the ROM hack of Megaman 2 I was making that replaced Classic Megaman with Starforce Megaman

    On the RnR4 part, I heard from someone on a Megaman Forum I go to said that he got to talk with a Capcom official at E3, asking him if there would be any Megaman games for the 3DS, not to mention any news on the EXE/Starforce contiuity, he said there are no plans currently for an EXE7, but there were originally planned to be 5 starforce games, all to be released before the successor of the DS came out in Japan, unfortunatly, two or more producers of the second Starforce game got into various fights with higher ups at Capcom Japan, and Inafune was affected by these arguments (not to mention the whiny Battle Network fans complaining on how Starforce ruined Megaman), as a result, the third game was rushed to the ending. I'm not sure if what he is saying is true or not, If I reember who exactly said it again, I will ask him about it

    It's possible that the series is on hiatus until the 3DS comes out, so a Starforce 4 is possible, just not currently.........

  10. I would love to play this version.. Being an 8bit and EXE/SS Fan :D
    Would like to see what they do with this! And some game play :)

  11. Isn't Tarbo-san working on an 8-bit Network Transmission?

    The title screen was the best part. Reminded me of when Star force still held true promise. It was new and exciting at one time, believe it or not.

  12. Your friendly,neighborhood Metall.June 26, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    Just wondering, have any of the other series recived 8-bit transformations? I'd like to see NES recreations of certain scenes from MMX and the intros to the legends and zero series in that style as well.

  13. Wow, that is just awesome. One of my top favorite Mega Man series got the 8-bit treatment. Mega Man Star Force FTW!

  14. @Masterge77: I dunno man, sounds like a lot of deets to leak willy nilly to an e3 passerby.

    I guess it's more reason to hope one or both series could still be alive, but not really anything I'd take too seriously.

    Rest assured Megaman will appear in some way on the 3DS.

  15. I would actually pay money if this actually became a game and everything. It looks amazing. I actually wanna make my avatars on various forums to be the 8-bit SS Rockman picture right now.

    As for those who are still bashing on SSR in the comments section, seriously, you're retarded. :/

    This is exactly what you wanted to see, 8-bit 2D platformer sprites and shit, and you're still complaining. Proof that 2D platformer Rockman fans can't make up their mind on anything, ever.

  16. You know, I really did enjoy the Star Force series, flawed as it was. It's a shame it and Battle Network seem to be pretty much dead and gone (unless Mega Man Universe is some sort of crossover... but we know how well that worked out last time.)

  17. @ BassDS

    (anon 2 here)

    Sean Connery: NOT SO FAST TREBEK! I'm here with a letter from the "HARDKORE TOO-D FANZ," who demand that you only announce "TOO-D PLATFR0M3R" games, because anything but "TOO-D PLATFR0M3RS" are not real Megaman games.

    Trebek: ...Screw you.

    (My feelings on the matter of BN/SF/Legends vs C/X/Z/ZX put to SNL CJ)

  18. Star Force was better and more mature than Battle Network. Did Battle Network have noise and illegal cards or the forms in Star Force, no!

    @Masterge 77

    The ending for Star Force 3 wasn't rushed. It was one of the best storylines in MegaMan history. I'd made sure who you're talking to isn't lying. Anyway I hope SF4 is released for 3DS at least or even for Wii or Ps3.

  19. @TrueRadiantFree: No one here is arguing the idea that Star Force (3) has a better story than EXE.

    If anything, most (if not all) complaints about the Star Force series in comparison to EXE lies in the battle system and customization - and Star Force fans here have to be kidding me if they seriously think the Star Force battle system is better.

    (Okay, I'll admit that the way Star Force handles folder building might be better, but the actual combat and customization? Hell no.

    Star Force would probably had much less hate if that one row combat didn't turn out to be so horribly limiting, by taking away the emphasis on dodging and - more importantly - field/object manipulation.)

  20. @Aliaitias

    The different number versions of battlechips in BN was messed up. Star Force made of easier. The 3D element was better as well. The homing attack also made it easier to fight bosses so of you are having a tough time just use that. It's just my personal opinion. I respect your's as well. My favorite Battle Network game was 5 for DS.

  21. I'm intrigued by this. It would be pretty ridiculously difficult to convert SSR3 to an 8-bit sidescroller due to the sheer difference in systems, but I'm looking forward to the end result regardless of what it is.

    As for the reason why Shooting Star received so much flak, it's because the systems of the first two games were a step back from EXE, and versions didn't seem to really mean anything seeing as how the bosses and form pools were more or less the same.

    Limited movement, elemental wheels becoming almost pointless with Best Combos, objects becoming worthless, no point in field area, and the ability to block anything you couldn't dodge for free. Not to mention the secondary wheel of elements introduced in EXE getting reduced to pre-EXE4 standards.

    The fact that you were FORCED to depend on other people and HAD to have WiFi to really get any perks in the first 2 games was also limiting. If you had no friends to add to your BB, you were screwed in the first two games.

    The main problem with SSR was that it came right off the coattails of EXE6, and started off like this. HAD the series started with a system that was on par with with SSR3, it wouldn't have received as much flak. HOWEVER, they started the series' first game with a system that was just BARELY above that of EXE1, which was disappointing for what was supposed to be EXE's successor. And ultimately alienated a good 50% of the older EXE fans at the time.

    SSR2 showed hope, but again, there the systems STILL weren't free or flexible as EXE, and let's not forget that the effective equivalent of the mod card system was as broken as hell in that game, even by mod card standards. More content was good, but they had no sense of a power balance.

    SSR3 FINALLY fixed enough of it to be worthy of it being called EXE's successor in terms of system depth and so on. It had enough new content that didn't feel like a mix-and-mash. By this time, however, Japan's economy was failing, the anime/game industry was running dry, and the bubble caused by the industry was nearing its critical point. Thus, SSR3 failed to revive the series' glory and SSR effectively bombed as a Rockman series(without as much of a cult following as DASH, at that).

    Really, SSR might have had better plot and character development, but its world, its systems, and its gameplay had flaws in comparison to EXE.

  22. "Did Battle Network have noise and illegal cards or the forms in Star Force, no!"
    Dark Chips.

    Anyway, i like it, and i knew about this a while ago.

  23. Tarbo's done chiptune tracks in the past, but he's actually working on a "SSRFC" game which you'd know about if you read back a few pages.

  24. I've actually followed on his SSR project for quite a bit. I love how he went to the good SSR game for the project itself.

    Little tidbit, a good amount of the art used are from the OCW, but it's good to see that he made some originals too.

  25. Please, SF has a following. People are just blind to it and don't want to admit it.

  26. Whoa whoa whoa, I would argue EXE is better than Star Force.

    Any claims that one's storylines were better than the other I'd refute though. They were both kids' games.

  27. Does this mean hope for the SSR series?

    Maybe 16 bit would be better but oh well.

    SSR didnt start out so well but SSR3 was stunning, EXE never started out that great either until EXE3. Even though EXE3 never got amazing sales EXE4 did because of EX3 so a SSR4 might get a lot of sales because of SSR3.

    For all SSR haters and EXE haters, SSR and EXE are 2 different video game series based off the same franchise they dont have to be the same thing. They're all good in their own way.

  28. @ Dark Edge

    Well said. Exe and Ssr both had their good points.

  29. There has always been two different types of Megaman fans, the first is the one that likes/supports the entire series. The 2nd is the fan that plays/ supports specific sub-series. what people don't understand is the only way Megaman has made it through the past 20 plus years is to change up game play, graphics, story, and style. If the classic series did not branch to the x series, to Legends, Exe, Zero, etc. Megaman would have been an after thought after 1997. So why do we as the Megaman community bash a sub-series just because its not our favorite? The sales for the whole series go to the same place, and that's back to the Megaman franchise. That is the only reason we have been seeing new affordable titles, on top of a political next gen title.

  30. I was wondering if you would feature this...! Tarbo's definitely done a great bit of a work. I love the Warrock Attack mechanic. The only thing I DON'T like is that he reused art and just made it 8-bit, but considering he's doing it all by himself, I can't fault him for it.

  31. simply awesome. that would be cool if there was a version of this. But where is Harp Note(Sonia)and the rest of the characters(altough I really don't care about them just Sonia). Also, I want a MMSF 4 please!

  32. This is so awesome. I'd totally play the hell out of this were it real.

  33. @LuigiBlood

    Dark Chips isnt like Noise or Illegal cards. Since SSR3 is using some elements from EXE3, Noise is like Bug Frags that was introduce in EXE3. Illegal cards is bonus and nothing like Dark Chips. Dark Chips if use them will deplete your HP and you can never get that HP back either and if used improperly Dark Chips can really screw you up. Illegal Cards are cards that you cant find in the game unless through Noise and you can use them freely as well.


    While yes EXE does trump SSR in battle mechanics as for customization(I mean customizing your character)SSR IMO is better. In EXE(3-6) there is a limit to what you can customize and you get it through the story of the game and there are so many rules to customizing your character and if you mess up it can badly affect you in battle. In SSR(2-3) you can equip various abilities to you and the limit of abilities you can equip cn increase by you by gaining more brothers and forming brotherbands and increasing your link power. Basically SSR makes it easier to customize your character.

    Also SSR beats EXE when it comes to design, boss creation, originality, and the effort to even make the game is harder. EXE is just an remake of the Classics in strategy RPG form as for SSR everything is done through originaliy and research like the other Mega Man series(X, Zero, ZX, and Legends). The most work done in the EXE series was creating the Humans and Operators. SSR is more creative.

    EXE in my opinion is a bit aggrivating than SSR, they put limitations on a lot of things in EXE while for SSR any limits can be passed. The only limitation done to the SSR is the movement in battle and that was because of Wifi gameplay, you havent noticed how NDS games with Nintendo Wifi have little or limited movement like Pokemon and Digimon, also none of the EXE games on NDS ever had Wifi due to its movement its because Nintendo Wifi isnt that great and there is a lot of connectivity errors and this can mess up the gameplay when trying to play someone online and ruin the fun of the game so EXE cant have wifi but SSR can and its due to that SSR have limited movement. SSR gave the players many possibilties and varities for folder customization, combos, and equipment.

  34. @ Dark Edge:

    "The only limitation done to the SSR is the movement in battle and that was because of Wifi gameplay, you havent noticed how NDS games with Nintendo Wifi have little or limited movement like Pokemon and Digimon"

    Explain why Star Force 1 didn't have Wi-Fi then. I really doubt that the decision to limit people's movement even more in the Star Force series was because of Wi-Fi.

    Also, more action/movement-oriented games like Mario Kart DS and Metroid Prime have done just fine with Wi-Fi. There have also only ever been two EXE games on the DS, and both of them were ports anyways. It's an unfair comparison.

    I'd chalk the lack of Wi-Fi the two EXE games as either being a result of Capcom's laziness, or they simply didn't have the tools available to pull it off.

    (It's probably more of the former than the latter anyways, because I really doubt that having Wi-Fi compatability with 2D EXE combat is any harder than doing it with 3D Star Force combat.)

    I'm not going to comment on the rest, as it's really only going to result in circular arguments that are going nowhere at this point.

  35. The BN series really got me into the MegaMan franchise, if it were not for BN I would still be a hater of MegaMan. I enjoy all the megaman games I play, whether it be,Zero,SF,X & even ZX I enjoy all the megaman games I play,each megaman series is unique in their own way, let's just say that megaman is just awesome.

  36. @Alilatias

    SF1 did had Wifi.

  37. @Dark Edge: Brotherband, but not battles.

    Wasn't that what you were arguing about when you mentioned that Wi-Fi wouldn't work for EXE due to its more in-depth battle system anyways?

  38. *gaackkk*
    Just choking on a small fish bone.....
    Anyway, people are entitled to their own opinion. There are people out there who like SSR more EXE and people like EXE more than SSR and people who just hate them both in general.
    To say people who thinks the battle system in SSR is better than EXE is ridiculous is really arrogant. Its like saying"People who play Pokemon are faggots" or "My childhood game series is better than yours". People have different take on life and other subjects so to some they may think the SSR battle system is better than EXE. Listen, I grew up on EXE, my first Mega Man game was EXE3 and it made me a major Mega Man fan so I understand when you say how great it was. However I played the first EXE game and I must say it wasnt the best of the series nor was EXE4. Either way EXE was new so it occaissoinally makes mistakes or get lucky, SSR is based off of EXE but they didnt make any mistakes they just didnt meet most EXE fans expectations as a predecesor and they messed up SSR2 a bit. SSR3 was amazing like EXE3any mistakes SSR series made were fixed in it.
    Anyway I really dont care, I buy and play any Mega Man game.


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